We the People for Moral Clarity and Social Equality

Each of us, on sacred journey’s, fever to move forward making our own lives better, forging pathways for our children to walk a better life than we. But so much deeper in our conviction, laying down beside us, remains a truth — we cannot do it on our own.

The election of 2016, illuminate a state of moral cloudiness in our country, if not the world, that we wish were just the difference of opinion over party lines. No — it is more than that and we must look at it now. 240 years of American history holding injustices today — no longer tolerable, wear thin the land, battled and bloodied — Mother Earth and her people sigh in pain.

We the people, must look at our founding fathers and our fathers and at ourselves. We the people must acknowledge what has been stolen from Indigenous People and their lands — having leveraged for personal gain, and raped clean water streams, we have left Native America fractured. Forgive us.

We the people must acknowledge we feed our poor and hungry cancer-causing foods and then keep our sick, sick because sicker means higher ROI. We hold back opportunity, keeping us less educated and dependent on a system that generates profits for the top 1 percent. Forgive us.

We the people — we, must see that we have nothing to fear, but love to gain, in the eyes of our Muslim brothers and sisters. We must see reflected in our own mirror that which is wrong and immoral. We need willingly acknowledge, because we are compassionate and loving beings, that codes, profiling or bans on any group is morally wrong and exactly the same model that Hitler used to openly plan to “clean up” the Jews in 1942. Forgive us.

We must see our beloved LGBTQ friends and family as exactly that — our friends and our family — you and I. We hide no more.

We the people must see women’s rights as far more than any one right — for we are equal spirits. We the people must acknowledge that we see the oppression of equal pay, the right to choose, voter suppression — and democracy’s fearful oppressors as intolerable. And vow to change it.

We must see what stands real before us and awaken today, from our numbing agents of booze and sugar, pills and propaganda. We must begin living — for we are alive. We must stop blaming outward the problems in which you and I participate inward. It was never fine and it is not fine now.

What do we do?

We begin. And if you began 30 years ago — continue.

On January 21, 2017, the world witnessed the largest protest in American history — The Women’s March!

Women, men, allies and freedom fighters gathered worldwide — Berlin, London, Paris, Sydney, Cape Town, New York, Washington, D.C and more joined together in the name of love and for the progression of justice. We stood and stand for safety and inclusion, for equal pay and equal rights, reproductive rights, dignity and for respect. We are an inclusiveness movement.

You saw us together — Latino, Muslim, LGBTQ, black, white, elder, poor, oppressed, sick, rich, Asian, and indigenous, as American and global citizens. Every colour, creed, gender, age and species standing to be seen, to be heard, to be loved — and to love freely. We need moral clarity, we want social equality — and we come for freedom.

On February 2–4, New York Times best selling author and speaker Marianne Williamson led a three day conference called Sister Giant, bringing some of the most respected voices and advanced conversations of love and compassion together in one room. Sister Giant rallied a world call, “the intersection of spirituality and politics” as Williamson calls it. Political, spiritual, poetical and philosophical speakers delivered passionately, their expertise to citizens all across the globe sharing a single message between them — to get involved. Each asked us to step into our greatness because — we can afford to sleep no more.

What do we do?

We participate.

We the people are called to exercise the voice of love. Our checklist should read, join with each other in celebration at Earth Day, Gay Pride, in airports or on the streets in our cities. Our checklist should read — show up with love for civil rights movements like Black Lives Matter and Standing Rock. Our checklist should remind us, to join organizations like the Center for American Progress or ACLU. And we the people should be reminded often that we need to help our neighbors, and we must love our children — all of them.

What can we do?

Show up — move us forward into Justice.

Originally published at yesrising.com on February 13, 2017.

Originally published at medium.com