One of the staples of a successful business is the ability to harness creativity. Allowing employees to feel comfortable creating innovative solutions to problems can set your business apart from the competition. While there are always going to be some practices and processes that are tried and true there are always opportunities to foster creativity. By establishing new ways to accomplish things you can gain an edge in your industry. There are a few things that can help to promote a creative workplace.


Cultivating a diverse team can help to generate more ideas. By bringing together a group of people with different thought processes and perspectives you can develop an eclectic range of sources for situations that require inspiration and problem-solving. However, it’s important to understand that diversity and inclusion are two different things. If employees do not feel included and respected then they won’t feel heard or be motivated to bring their individual values to the table. By creating inclusion alongside diversity employees will have job satisfaction and be more engaged in goal reaching.

Hold Collaboration Meetings
A successful business solicits ideas from those that they employ. Many people feel that they should not speak up because their concerns and suggestions are unwanted. Leaders need to ensure that employees feel that their opinions are valued. Encourage everyone to offer their thoughts and begin holding collaboration meetings. It can be helpful to bring together different departments to bounce ideas off each other. Providing space and time for everyone to collaborate can boost confidence and showcase your dedication to your leadership role.

Reduce Time Pressure

While there will always be certain things that require a deadline, it’s been proven that they can make people less creative. Set out to make the workplace a more relaxed environment. When a bit of pressure is taken off people can deliver better work since they don’t feel as though their backs are against the wall.

Embrace Failure

Something that sets apart an unsuccessful and a successful business is how they handle failure. Creative people need to feel safe to come up with new ideas and be able to present them without discouragement. Allowing employees to try out new approaches can foster solutions. Do not punish failure, instead try to reward it. Praise those that use their voices and speak up to try and push projects ahead. Even when something fails, it can end up being a stepping stone to something greater.

Ask for Improvements

Everyone needs feedback and this includes those in leadership positions. If someone is spending 40 hours a week at work then they probably know what needs to be changed. Ask your employees for any ideas they have as to what needs to be improved upon. Changing small things that be be overlooked can help to establish a healthier environment that will foster change and growth. Listen to the ideas and opinions being offered to figure out areas that need improvement. You can even create a survey that can be taken anonymously to get honest feedback.