A woman once said; “when I’m feeling down, I read a lot of your quotes, and they help me to keep my head up and keep moving on in a positive light.”

I feel that is the reason why quotes and sayings can help you, and that is why I am so passionate about writing them. I think that the written word is so powerful, and a quote can inspire you, encourage you as well as give you strength and courage when you go through difficult times. Sometimes a quote can show you that you are never alone.

“Always remember that you do not need to explain yourself or prove anything to anyone.  If someone cannot accept you for you – then it is time to move on. ~ Cath B

Chasing other people’s approval is such a waste of time, and it’s not healthy. It took me a long time to understand that the only one that I needed approval from was myself. I feel it’s a part of growing up and knowing who you are. Seeking approval is not essential when you have learned to stand up for yourself, and you have recognized your worth.

Do not fear change. A change is an opportunity for you to grow and explore different options. ~ Cath B

Change can be scary, and sometimes there’s no warning, it just happens. Other times, you can feel that a change is emerging. Perhaps your employer lets you go; your relationship ends, you have to close your business or leave your home. It’s confusing and difficult to see the light and understand why it is happening – however when something has served its purpose; the Universe steps in and helps you to rethink your life because you are capable and worthy of so much more.

“Always remember to set boundaries. Your well-being is your number one priority.” ~ Cath B

There are times when you forget to look after yourself. It’s human nature to want to help and be there for others. Nevertheless, when being there for others interferes with your well-being and what is important to you, its time to say no. You cannot always put others needs in front of your own, and I want you to know that it’s okay to say yes to yourself. If someone gets upset or talks behind your back, then you know that you will not do any more favours for that individual. By saying no, you stand up for yourself, and you prioritize your own needs.

“Understand that age is just a number, and it’s never too late to start over and follow your dreams.” ~ Cath B

Following your dreams and purpose doesn’t have an age limit. The society and naysayers may say to you that you are either too young or too old. It’s not true. Changing career, relocate to a different city or country, or starting a new business has nothing to do with your age. We have different timelines, and we evolve differently, and some people figure out what they want to do when they are 25-years-old; for others, it takes longer, and there is absolutely no shame in that.

If I’d listened to the naysayers, I wouldn’t have become the woman I am today. I want you to know that anything is possible, and you are not here to blend in. You are here to follow your light and to be happy.

Image: Cath B Akesson