Recently a captivating event took place in Beverly Hills. The Elite Entrepreneurial Workshop was born. This event marked a very distinctive and unique footprint. It represented a rare occasion for philanthropists, business owners, entrepreneurs and executives to network, engage and connect as they learned to merge internal wisdom with practical ideas to take their businesses to the next level.

The Elite Entrepreneurial Workshop on October 20 and 21

Over the course of two days, three successful entrepreneurs—Nathalie Virem, Erez Cohen and Alan Burak—plus special guest Jay Shetty and other outstanding speakers including Dr. Joe Vitale, Lisa Haisha, Debi Berndt Maldonado, JP Morgan, Seena Sharp, Sandy Abrams, and members of The National Association of Women Business Owners joined forces to share insights and knowledge with workshop participants who took the time off from their busy schedules for personal and professional growth and development.

Image courtesy of Nathalie Virem. Photograph by Francisco Recinos.
Guided visualization facilitated by Sandy Abrams.

As an added bonus, the audience had time to network and connect with special award winner Daniel Habif and listen to Angel Ray, nationally-acclaimed, singer and composer and Ronnie King, Oscar and Grammy nominated producer, composer, musician and philanthropist.

The Elite Entrepreneurial Workshop and attendees were also grateful for the generous product contributions of our sponsors Crateful Catering and Detox Water -Bioactive Aloe Waters.

There were many takeaways from the workshop and speakers. Here are just a few to help readers start their business planning for 2019.

1. Capitalize on your ”calling”. (Nathalie Virem).

Image courtesy of Nathalie Virem. Photograph by Francisco Recinos.
Nathalie Virem, International Keynote Speaker and Best Selling Author 

Why do you exist? Why are you here in life? Believe it or not, everyone has a calling, otherwise known as a mission here on earth. Some of you may not know your calling or may not think you have one. It isn’t true. Everyone is born with a purpose. The key is to identify it and use it as the foundation for your business venture(s). When individuals act on their calling, they are more likely to achieve the business growth they seek, and profits will follow.

2. Your goals should be like your home address—know them by heart. (Erez Cohen).

Image courtesy of Nathalie Virem. Photograph by Francisco Recinos.
Erez Cohen, Real Estate Investor, Author & Entrepreneur

Once you have clarity of purpose and vision, write down your goals. Include the small ones and the big ones. Some will be short-term, some long-term. Carry your goals everywhere. Look at them often. Memorize and internalize them so you can take actions to achieve them and make them a reality.

3. Establish a proven business model to create true wealth. (Alan Burak).

Image courtesy of Nathalie Virem. Photograph by Francisco Recinos.
Alan Burak, Entrepreneur, Trader, and Coach

Once you have clarity of purpose and vision and start working to achieve your business goals, you will start slowly to see the financial results you seek. During your early endeavors as a business owner you may be broke on paper, but you should know you are not poor. Keep changing your mind and business strategy, but never your high-level goals and vision. You will eventually turn the invisible into the visible.

4. Connect to your higher wisdom to find eternal joy and leave a meaningful legacy. (Nathalie Virem).

To tap into your higher wisdom, you will need to access your subconscious mind and transfer the messages your receive to your conscious mind. In order for them to become a reality, you must experience them as truth. For this, you need to master faith. That means faith in yourself or in your ability to achieve your calling in life, faith in a higher power that guides each of us and faith in timing. Even when you are about to give up, don’t. The universe will test you often as you demonstrate your commitment to serve the world.

Here are a few testimonials from attendees:

Image courtesy of Nathalie Virem. 
Niko Martillo, The Ecuadorian American Chamber of Commerce

‘’Hi this is Niko Martillo and I am with The Ecuadorian American Chamber of Commerce. Nathalie has been fantastic. The knowledge that I am gathering today, there is no money in the world that could buy it.’’

Image courtesy of Nathalie Virem
Hugo Fernandez, CEO of Just Digital Inc

‘Hey, this is Hugo Fernandez, CEO of Just Digital Inc, the event has been amazing, the people, the connections, everybody, all the ideas and the networking at this event have been off the charts.’’

Image courtesy of Nathalie Virem
Jil Love, Founder of Jil Love Revolution at Jil Love Revolution

‘’Hi my name is Jil Love, I am very grateful to be in this event. I have met the most amazing, interesting, successful entrepreneurs’’

Image courtesy of Nathalie Virem
Mohamed Isse, Student at California State University-Los Angeles

‘’Hi my name is Mohamed Isse, I am a student from Cal State University Los Angeles. I travelled from the Inland Empire to Nathalie’s event. What I really enjoyed about this event was that we were able to talk to professionals and really get to see what their mindset is. Having access to their knowledge and taking it in we could see how it impacts our lives. You get to focus on those things and live with a purpose. That is very inspirational for me and I really enjoyed that. It is a great event, and I can’t wait to find out what more information they have for us.’’

Image courtesy of Nathalie Virem
Eileen Driscoll, Personal Trainer, and AMA Ambassador

‘Hi my name is Eileen Driscoll, I am coming from the city of Woodland Hills and this event is absolutely wonderful. I am learning a lot and meeting a lot of professionals. Thank you, Nathalie, so much. I appreciate it!’’

Image courtesy of Nathalie Virem
Noemi Torres, TV content producer at Fashion One International
Rudy Stiles, CEO/President of Diamond’s Cleaning Services & Family

‘’Hi my name is Noemi Torres I want to thank Nathalie for this event and I want to encourage everyone to get their copy: Live With Purpose!’’

Image courtesy of Nathalie Virem
Nathalie Virem, Founder and CEO of Nathalie Virem Foundation

On the closing night, the Nathalie Virem Foundation received two “Certificate of Recognition” awards from the State of California and the City of Los Angeles for the outstanding philanthropic work, dedication, commitment and efforts towards developing professional business leaders and contributing to strong local economies in order to make a more positive impact throughout the city of Los Angeles. 

To learn more about The Elite Entrepreneurial Workshop events and the benefits of participating, please contact the host, Nathalie Virem at [email protected]

Happy holidays!


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