Eight hours in a work day seem to disappear in no time. With workloads increasing day by day, how does a business ensure that their employees deliver quality results without getting burnt out? It’s time to move away from the traditional ways of managing your employees and work processes. Instead, invest in tools that can boost efficiency, quality, and help employees do their job better.

Organising a business requires you to note down your tasks, your plans, and your goals. Once you have those in place, you can start looking at how best to organise your company and your employees’ workload. But instead of breaking out a new Excel sheet and plotting all these points down, you should be looking at some organisation apps to help you.

We look at the kinds of tools that can make a difference to workplace productivity.

Workflow Tools

Managing your business processes manually is no longer the best way to run a company. Entrepreneurs and business owners have too much on their plate, managing a number of departments and projects, all while being the face of the company. If you want your employees to be more productive without you having to micro-manage everything, you need to start automating your workflow processes.

Businesses should now be looking at the best project management software available online, many of which are completely free, or have special business rates. These software programmes and apps will help to ease the burden on employees. A number of these programmes, like Trello, allow for better workflow. Managers are able to make lists and cards which they can then assign to employees, instead of having to email them several times a day about new or updated tasks.

Project management apps let you collaborate with teams and employees in the office, or with those working remotely, with ease. With a little bit of training, anyone can use these apps, so your workflow can become more efficient and your employees more productive.

Time Management Tools

Time is of the essence in a business, and everyone, especially employees, know that. There are a number of tasks to undertake, and several projects to manage. How does one do it all justice without having to work extra hours and weekends, which is sure to affect productivity in the long run? By creatively employing time management apps.

There are so many tools available to businesses now that will help you organise how your employees work. You no longer have to keep reminders about deadlines, these online tools will allow you to track deadlines, the progress you make on projects, and even inform you when you’ve spent more than the usual amount of time on a task.

Another way for companies to manage time, especially with regards to marketing, is by using social media management tools. A number of these tools make employees’ workdays easier. You can schedule content in advance, engage with audiences, get reports, all without having to check several different websites and apps. As a way to increase employee productivity, social media management tools are an excellent way to manage one’s time.

Sales Tools

For most businesses, sales are an important part of the company’s goals. Most types of advertising for business focuses on selling a product or service. To ensure high quality sales management that doesn’t require your employees to work too hard, you should be looking at using sales management tools.

With e-commerce thriving, sites like Shopify have become necessary to manage the sales flow. Fortunately, they have a host of sales apps that makes it much easier to increase sales without having to ask your employees to work overtime.

Not only does Shopify have a number of tools for promoting your channels, but also has apps for customer service. For sales-focused businesses, good customer service is a must but it can be a time-consuming and labour-intensive process for employees. Apps make it much simpler, and faster, for businesses to reach customers so employees can focus on other tasks.

There are also a number of online resources for accomplishing a part of your sales flow that you cannot achieve in-house, such as this print on demand in Europe service that caters to clothes makers.

You can also look at inventory tools, like these restaurant inventory apps, that spare employees from having to count all the items in stock by hand. With the use of such tools, employees will be able to redirect their energies towards more important tasks, thus saving their energy and helping your business.

Content Creation Tools

Anyone who has spent any time online knows that content is now king. There are so many different channels and so many people creating content for those channels, that employees, particularly digital marketers, are working overtime to make engaging content that reaches audience. Burnout is a serious problem. How can employers combat this?

There are now a number of convenient online tools that not only make creating content faster, but also guarantees a high quality of production. There are websites that help you create excellent brand logos, guide your writing skills, and give you presentation templates or a presentation bundle that you can easily customize for any and every occasion.

With the help of these content creation tools, your employees will be able to make more material—whether they are articles, social media posts, or illustrations—faster and more efficiently, without fear of burning out or working extra hours.

Be Productive Today

There are several tools available for business owners, start-ups, and entrepreneurs to make the most of their employees’ time and energy. One doesn’t have to slave over Excel sheets, physical journals, or whiteboard charts any longer. The online tools available to business owners makes it much easier to manage time and efficiency, within convenient dashboards that are easy to learn. With the right combination of tools, you will see the productivity of your company increase impressively over a short period of time.