As we are embarking on a new adventure and journey – by following hearts and spirits – imagine the three items you cannot live without – this life-challenging – but truly rewarding- Bangladesh life in the world’s largest refugee camps of Cox’s Bazar, taught me to take care of myself – during covid-19 & post vaccines as well – every day, all days of my life. Start thinking of your three material items for your body care. I will come back to it.

As I am packing my bags, the lessons learned of this experience are 4 (my favorite number) – I also learned to keep things short & neat – people like going straight to the point, without any convoluted style. Simple, catchy, cute.

  1. FLEXIBILITY – Be flexible: listen, observe, evaluate, and then, with all of yourself, make the decision (and, also, do not dwell on it too much, time flies fast). This is actually the best compliment I am getting lately: sweet & understanding, very adaptable (trust me, there is a lot of emotional self awareness and self-regulation to be like this everyday). It is a very much learnable skill, I came to realize – read the Twelve Competencies of Emotional Intelligence)
  2. YOUNG YOU – Think of yourself when you were younger: I had always been a positive cheerful & smiley girl (despite going through the adolescent years of braces and eye glasses, look at me, younger) I had that drive inside, that desire of going out there to help, to shake, to change the world for the better, to give a hand to people, to boost morale with some singing and smiling, to spread love and happiness, ONLY! When I think of it, it makes me go go, it gives me a big smile, and keep on learning and giving.
  3. MUSIC ! – Please listen to good music: if you should explore something, I highly advise you to explore the widest and wildest variety of music, on Spotify (if your country does not give you access, YouTube is always a great solution!) – a life worth living, is the soundtrack of your life. Make the rollercoaster worthwhile. Do not waste it on meaningless and vulgar songs with no meanings and just noise. Find some nice lyrics to add to your personal story.
  4. COMMUNICATE – Reach out: I have been working for a noble cause of reaching out to refugee women & girls, devastated by mental trauma and horrible life stories of fleeing and leaving their beloved behind – either dead or somewhere alone. I highly value the mental health and happiness of each individual. Care for others, and Grow together. I found myself where I have always wished for, caring for them, and caring for my communications team. As one of my team members once told me, “we are all human beings” therefore, to reach the best performances and results (for the organization) I learned that, if you nurture yourself, your team, the furthest people and vulnerable people on the planet, you must share leadership, distribute decision-making, prioritize, create a culture of sharing, of trustworthiness and…be straightforward (speak face-to-face and explain your points) – I am still a little fire when it comes to making my points – Italian fire – and I need to water it down with a smile & some jokes, leaning more towards an educational approach to learning and mistakes making. We learn by making mistakes, but then, we need to make it right! 🙂

Now, coming back to the three items that you would take to a strange beautiful new place…mine would be: combo toothbrush & toothpaste, a small tube of baby oil for the skin, and, a strawberry lip balm. ( I think these are the same items I was thinking of when I was a child – my precious items to explore the world!) what are yours?

Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence model

what I am reading: Generation Equality Forum Paris 30 June to 2 July 2021- empowerment coalitions on Bodily Autonomy, Sexual and Reproductive Health and rights, gender-based violence, economic justice and rights, feminist action for climate justice, technology and innovation for gender equality, feminist movement and leadership. Interesting how women and men can collaborate, innovate, create ideas for better communities, in respect & appreciation

Tip from a musical mind: upbeat & loving French Jazz Avalon Jazz Band & Tatiana Eva Marie, Merci! as one of the songs goes..qu’est-ce qu’on attend pour ĂȘtre heureux?

Best photo (below)

besties in Bangladesh – Italy/Somalia

featured image: We are made of Stories, via Pinterest