Working Out From Home

Nowadays, especially in the winter, it can be difficult to find time to get outside and exercise. If you used to go to the gym as I did, you had to make do with what you have at home.

Yes, we can all go back to the gym in some form or fashion, but does it work for your new schedule? I’m one of those people that worked from home way before everyone started working from home.

I have experience when it comes to taking breaks and making your home office that much better. We all need socialization and that was the main reason I used to go to the gym. I would meet up with people I knew and was able to talk to people other than myself.

Everyone has a different scenario. If you are now working from home, but still have the need to exercise or want to do something to break up the day, here are a few simple daily things you can do for a low cost.

If you want to go out and get a Peloton, go for it, but for most of us, we can do without.

Foam Roller

Using a Foam RollerYou can pick one of these up anywhere these days. You have the option of going to Amazon or any other online retailer as well. Take 5 minutes in the morning and do some quick roll-outs. It honestly takes no time at all. You start with your back and then move onto your legs. This loosens up the muscles and allows you to keep focus when you go back to your desk. Here is a five-minute routine video I found on YouTube. You can certainly search for other videos.

Light Dumbbell Weights

I say light because you aren’t trying to do a full workout here. You are looking for simple exercises that keep your body moving throughout the day and maybe more resistance than you are used to.

Using the Right DumbbellsYou want to get a weight that you can do 15 repetitions with. Not something you can do 30 with at a time, but also not something you can barely lift.

Each day try to do three sets of regular bicep curls. You are not fatiguing the muscle so you will be able to do it every day without worrying about overuse. If the weight is too heavy then try it every other day. Simple.

Push-Up Bars

Although you can do pushups on the floor, I recommend using pushup bars. These are fairly inexpensive and it gives you better movement than a straight pushup on floor.

Each set, space the bars out to different widths. This works in different areas of the chest/triceps region. You can also get into a seated position and do mini dips with the bars. You can research all of the different exercises out there with these bars.

Staff or Stick

This is probably the easiest thing to do to help loosen up your neck, shoulders and back. Take a stick/staff, almost the length of a broom and use it for stretching.

Grab opposite ends and rotate your arms and keep moving the upper torso so you get some great movement. You’ll start to love this stick after a while.

I suggest you go to one of your local hardware stores, buy a five-foot PVC pipe. You get one around two inches thick and also get caps on the end for a better look. This will cost you about as much as a Starbucks coffee. It is worth it and will help you stay loose.

Working from home is a great thing. As long as you embrace and change some of your routines up, you will find a way to make it that much better. I’ve been running the site for about three years and I love helping those that may need it. Not all of us are used to the work from home mentality. Try these exercises daily and see if it gives you a clearer mind. I’m not certified in the world of exercise, so be sure to check with your physician if need be. Good luck and have fun.