Every Wednesday I encourage people to do ONE thing to put the power of love to work in their organization, through my newsletter Amare Wave Wednesday. These consistent actions are collectively growing the wave and making people happier and businesses better.

Today’s topic is about the four spiritual stages you can powerfully move through in business and life. I believe business and spirituality are great partners, and along with psychology, are the pillars in my new book, The Amare Wave: Uplifting Business by Putting Love to Work. In it, I share the pragmatic spiritual lessons I’ve learned in 30 years of consulting with great companies and mentoring top executives, while undergoing my own spiritual journey.

Bottom line, I’ve learned businesses do better with love (Amare in Latin), and love is always enhanced with a higher purpose or spiritual “bigger than me” aspect. The good news is more and more leaders are catching the Amare Wave and putting the uplifting and connecting energy of love to work in their organizations today. You can too, as you grow on your spiritual path. It is quite the ride!

The fact is we are all leaders of our own lives, and many of us lead others too, with our words and our actions. As an Amare or love-based leader, you get better and better as you powerfully evolve through the four stages of spiritual growth.

And in case you’re wondering, know that there is no need to leave your spiritual self behind when you’re at work. How can you give your best if you show up less than whole?

On your spiritual journey, each stage provides a fundamental orientation that dramatically affects how you move through work and life, and how you lead yourself and others. I invite you to know and choose what stage you operate in and when.

Consider which of these four spiritual stages (per Michael Beckwith) represents your modus operandi. Are you willing to raise your frequency and do the ninja move (in italics) required to get to the next level?

1. Life happens to me – you are at the effect of others, often feeling the disempowered victim or narcissist. You have not yet claimed responsibility for your life. The underlying need is for acknowledgment, external validation that you exist and matter.

Ninja Move: Let go of blame and move into empowered self-responsibility.

2. Life happens by me – you are working hard to create your reality rather than staying a victim of circumstance. You are exercising autonomy and owning your life. The need here is to have control over your choices and the outcomes they create.

Ninja Move: Let go of control and move into trust and connection with larger forces.

3. Life happens through me – you are part of something bigger, and humbled as you experience flow, in partnership with greater forces. This is powered by the seemingly paradoxical need to have influence while surrendering the need for it.

Ninja Move: Let go of separation and move into unity and oneness with life.

4. Life happens as me – you realize that what flows through you also is within you. You are a unique expression of the greater consciousness and inseparable from it. This is the ultimate in Amare and the essence of the connection I believe we all crave.

Today’s Amare Wave Wednesday Quote

“I am the Wave, and You are the Sea. 

I am in You, and You are in Me.”

―Moshe Engelberg

Note: Here’s a short video on the four spiritual stages with Michael Beckwith, and a great summary by Chip Richards

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