Five Reasons Why You Should Let Your Employees Work From Home

There are many benefits of working from home. Apart from staying close to one’s loved ones, remote workers save the time and money which they’d otherwise have spent on commuting. Perhaps that’s the reason why almost 74% of North Americans say they’re willing to quit their jobs if their employer could give them the freedom to work from home.

However, while working from home does have its benefits, one of the downsides is that it might make you adopt a sedentary lifestyle. And as we all know that spending too much time sitting on our chair isn’t good for health, we shouldn’t use remote working as an excuse to become physically inactive.

With this in mind, let’s look at four ways using which we can remain active while working from home:

1: Take Walking Calls

Provided you’re on an audio conference call with your colleague or client, stand up form your chair and pace around your home as you talk to them. Apart from feeling good, moving around increases blood flow and, in turn, helps us think better.

Provided the sun is shining out there, you can skip walking inside your home in favor of a stroll around your building block. That way, apart from harnessing the benefits of walking, you’d also be able to take in sights, like a photo booth for rent on the corner, which might refresh your mind.

2: Set aside time for indoor exercises

In addition to walking around your home, there are many exercises that you can do within the four walls of your living abode. Most of them don’t even require you to invest in a piece of equipment. You only need to have the will to engage in the exercise.

Provided you need some motivation to engage in a daily workout, get for yourself a portable photo booth. You can later on use the box to take pictures of yourself and let you (and your friends) know about the positive impact the regular exercises are having on your body.

3: Go outside during lunch break

Even if you’ve prepared your lunch at home, there’s no rule which stipulates that you’ve to eat it at your desk. Eating at your desk might not allow your mind to get detached entirely from work-related matters, thereby resulting in a less-than-appetizing lunch.

Therefore, if the weather isn’t inclement, walk to the nearby park or coffee shop to have your lunch when you’re working from home.

4: Restructure your home office

Install a cabinet at such a height that you cannot access the contents in it without standing up from your home office chair. Then place all your crucial work files in the cabinet so that, even when you don’t want to leave your chair, you’d be forced to get up to access those files.