Frozen Blackwater Falls, West Virginia

What if the secret to being healthy, happy, fulfilled, peaceful and in constant flow is really our native state?

What if instead of knowing, searching, working and actively pursuing these attributes, that the secret is to relax and release the blocks to this state?

I believe, indeed, that our natural state is the former, not the latter. And I further believe that re-engaging with health is natural to all of us.

We have just forgotten.

Furthermore, I think our social mores, learnings and mindsets are the biggest part of the problem.

For example, we live in a world of duality or comparisons. We tend to believe that we are better than some and worse than others. This frame could be around beauty, fame, power, job, money, athletic ability, weight, etc.

What if we are all exactly the same, but see the same events through different creative lenses?

Quantum physics tells us that we are all energy and that we have powerful abilities to create with our universe.

The root of the word health is wholeness.

Thus, health may be the state of being where we suspend comparisons and duality and just enjoy the experience.

That is flow.

Deeply connected to ourselves and others as One.

Powerful creators and part of the same source of energy.

If that is true, then maybe the challenges in our lives are not meant to cause us pain or angst, but to serve as powerful learning experiences.

Maybe all we see and experience are really just opportunities for us to grow and create.

Maybe heaven is understanding this and being in love with all that happens to us, including pain and strong emotion. Being in flow.

If we saw it this way, then maybe we would be happier, more peaceful, fulfilled and grateful.

And healthy.

Then Almost Heaven would be Heaven for all of us.