To build apps that amass over 60 million downloads isn’t something that’s easy to accomplish, but doing that through creating sheer art speaks volumes about the creativity that Franky Aguilar possesses. 

Not your run-of-the mill app designer, Franky Aguilar has worked for some of USA’s top design and game studios ranging from Zynga to Neonroots Inc, establishing himself as a pioneering talent that should inspire every person holding aspirations to accomplish their dreams in life without compromise. 

Despite being an artist at heart, he has also donned many different hats during a professional career spanning over a decade including entrepreneurship and all of his ventures have been major successes. Starting off with creating 99centbrains Inc., a top design studio, he continued his pursuits with Yoshirt.Inc, a unique iOS application that allowed you to develop customized shirts. 

Apart from his notable ventures, Aguilar helped develop the framework and art of apps for big league clients like Fox, Snoop Dog, Major Lazer, Grumpy Cat and Steve Aoki. Currently, Franky is involved in the development of dapps, a futuristic form of applications that are decentralized by being leveraged on blockchain. 

His accomplishments are diverse and that’s what makes them unique as they signify a mind that’s not comfortable with normal or with keeping things within their confines. All of his creations and endeavors carry his indelible mark to this day, so what inspires him to achieve so much in a world where people are even scared to change their daily routines? 

The answer to this lies in his mantra of keeping true to oneself and not run after things that don’t pique your interest. He always did what interested him only and not what others thought he should be doing. 

Growing up as a restless child in California, Franky had very little interest in school, even dropping out of it in the 9th standard because he believed that school didn’t have things that could challenge him or make him willing to learn. He did come back and complete high school 9 months before he should have, signifying the tenacity that lay underneath. Franky Aguilar eventually went to attend college at The Art Institute of CA – San Francisco to study design and arts and passed out of there in 2010 before embarking on a remarkable career. 

Even now, this trailblazing entrepreneur still doesn’t want to stop where he is or settle in what’s he currently doing. As part of his future plans, he has his eyes set on Downtown, Las Vegas, perhaps the most happening city in USA. But the man doesn’t want to go to Vegas to party. He wants to showcase his designs coupled with technology in the metropolis as a fusion of how art meets the modern world growing around us. 

Franky Aguilar’s growth outlines his mindset more than anything, which is the single most important thing if you want to pursue a career that not just caters to your muse but also extrapolates onto greater things. 

In today’s world, what we are lacking is not inspiration but courage to utilize our inner talents in the best possible way we can.

He personifies the idea that entrepreneurship doesn’t have to mean that you should own a unicorn tech startup or build a firm that aims to change the world, but it should mean that you build something substantial, something that’s profound and holds meaning and something that you can share as an extension of your personality with the world. 

His inclinations towards art and design didn’t restrict him to pursue the generally conventional fields set out for such talents. He went towards tech and found a niche where he could really put his talents to the ultimate use. 

The Snoopify app or Blockchain-based dapps that he is now pursuing shows how there can be demand for ideas and concepts that didn’t even exist and just stopping yourself from pursuing what you like because you don’t believe that anyone would have any interest in it is plain wrong. 

Franky Aguilar serves as an inspiration, but of a different kind, one which compels us to do realize our entrepreneurial inclinations but through our own unique talents, a quality that can really push us on to achieve greater things in life, things we didn’t even think were possible through our efforts.


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