If you face troubles editing interior and exterior shots, these free real estate Lightroom presets will be useful for enhancing commercially successful photos of buildings and interiors without wasting no less than 30 seconds on one photo.

The presets are available in .lrtemplate and .hmp formats, they can be used to enhance photos in RAW and JPG. It doesn’t matter which version of Lightroom you have, they are compatible with CC, Classic, CS 4, 5&6 and mobile versions.

1. Universal Bundle of Real Estate Lightroom Presets

This collection consists of 20 Lightroom presets and is aimed at real estate and interior photographers in capital smart city Islamabad. If you want to edit noise or obscured areas or just need to adjust colors, it will become faster with this package.

If you like this collection, get more free real estate presets as well. With them you can effortlessly fix exposure issues, adjust colors and tones, reduce noise and change many other parameters.

This package is ideal for all types of photographers. Each LR preset will make your photos look as if they were enhanced by a person, not by an automatic photo editing software.

2. HDR Real Estate Presets for Lightroom

These free HDR Lightroom presets are the right choice for fast and professional editing of real estate, landscape and portrait photos. They help improve light balance, color tones, saturation, brightness and intensity. Thus, they can be used as professional HDR-filters to make your subject stand out.

These are the best Lightroom presets for real estate photography and your holiday shoots, as they make every detail in the picture visible. Photographers apply the presets to extend the image depth and scope to get a sharp, vivid shot in a few clicks. They will help you to get a high-contrast image with perfect lighting and shadows.

3. Interior Lightroom Presets

Free interior design presets for Lightroom are an excellent choice for inside photos, whether it’s a cozy home or public places, like clubs, cafes, restaurants, etc. With them, you can edit dark areas by making them brighter, adding warmth or extra light sources.

Use them if there is no natural light in the room or if your photos look dark. They will add warmth to the images taken inside, enhance white color, make photos brighter and lighter. They will keep the colors of the interior authentic, reveal fine details and remove the yellow tint, adding a professional look and natural, saturated colors to your photos.

4. Free Bright Interior Lightroom Presets

Being one of the most useful free real estate Lightroom presets, it includes a standalone filter that adds beautiful tones and moods to enhance your photos. It’s perfect for wedding, fashion, food, lifestyle and travel photography, and is an outstanding choice for almost any image. You will get a great result in a few clicks.

Apply this quick preset to enhance pale, bleak colors and blurred images. It is suitable for photos taken in all types of lighting conditions and allows you to take cool pictures of interior and exterior very quickly.

5. Complete Interior Collection of Lightroom Presets

Interior Collection Lightroom presets are optimal for interior photography in various styles: minimalist, Scandinavian, modern, loft, etc. Bright colors are exactly what you need for room pictures.

These effects will improve brightness, contrast, enhance textures and lend a professional look to your works. This tool kit will help you achieve the most efficient results when editing inside and outside images, as it makes colors richer and removes unnatural hues, such as yellowness or retro effect.

Moreover, it makes small interior elements stand out by highlighting them with saturated colors.

6. Architecture Lightroom Presets

These presets are inspired by wandering the beautiful streets of London and Paris. Soft, warm shades with subtle warm tones make for a peaceful and dreamy mood. The free real estate Lightroom presets allow you to maintain the sensation of warmth, adding soft sunlight and beautiful bright colors to your summer photos.

Use this bundle to make clouds lighter, enhance green colors and add volume to the building by eliminating unnecessary sharpness. It will show the beauty of your home in a favorable light, give a professional look to your photos and help you make them more commercially successful.

This collection can be used to edit various types of photos taken in all lighting conditions. It allows you to remove shades of yellow, adjust brightness and contrast.

7. Rush Hour Free Lightroom Presets

They are perfect for street photography and can be used to enhance photos of cityscapes and wildlife. It’s an excellent match for a variety of photos as it adds cool shadows and warm flares with split-toning effects.

These Lightroom presets for real estate photography also include the Aerial Boost effects, which are perfect for aerial photography. They enhance colors and naturally brighten up the picture.

The Techno Future effect is the right solution for photos of skyscrapers, glass buildings and large cityscapes, while the Sharpened B&W black-and-white effect adds contrast to your photo.

8. Urbanismo Lightroom Presets

The Urbanismo Lifestyle presets for mobile and desktop use come with 60 filters designed to help you quickly capture professionally-looking urban and city landscapes, with a focus on architecture. They will fix any issues with lighting and make colors more intense.

Each of these real estate Lightroom presets offers different weather and lighting effects, both for nighttime and daytime. They are great for outdoor, city landscape, portrait, travel, beauty and fashion photography.

This option is perfect for images of the blue-rich sky, dark and underexposed photos. Add beautiful cream tones, create warm and atmospheric lighting to make evening and summer sky even more beautiful.

9. Beginner Bundle of Lightroom Presets

A key aspect of real estate photography is to retain the white color in white tones and make a room warm and attractive. If you struggle to set the right white balance and your bathrooms have yellow tones, then use this package of 130 Lightroom presets that are easy to install.

These free real estate Lightroom presets are designed to give your interior/exterior/twilight real estate photos a perfect color rendering and HDR look. It is also great for indoor photography, because it increases brightness, improves color and sharpness.

10. Premium Hubaset Lightroom Presets

It includes 50 Premium Hubaset Lightroom presets. You can correct colors and sharpen details in just a few minutes. It’s suitable for photos of urban and street scenery, large cities, countryside, landscapes, architectural constructions.

While they do not change the white balance of your image, they improve color, exposure, contrast, etc. They will enhance the selected areas as well as improve clarity and contrast, making colors deeper and richer.

Additionally, these Lightroom presets provide warm and contrasting shades to your photos which is really important if you want to create a homely atmosphere.

11. Intense HDR PRO Lightroom Presets

The Intense HDR PRO collection has 45 Lightroom presets and is perfect for both architects and urban photographers.

Use these Lightroom HDR presets to make your landscape photos warm, especially if they were taken in the autumn. This series of Lightroom presets allows you to apply HDR effects, adjust basic settings, improve excessively sharp or saturated light, as well as enhance the overall look of your landscape images.

Additionally, this series allows you to edit monochrome and vintage photos. Being especially great for street, car and architectural photos taken in cloudy weather, this tool gives your images an impressive look.

12. Exterior Lightroom Presets

These Exterior Lightroom Presets are perfect for enhancing photos taken outdoors in natural light. By using this set, you can dim the edges and highlight the center of the image, increase the clarity and brightness of buildings and make surrounding objects darker. It will focus on architectural structures to make them more eye-catching.

By using the real estate Lightroom presets, you can softly enhance the clarity and vividness by detecting small details in darker parts of the images. This will help make objects brighter and fix overexposure issues.

13. Night Urban Lightroom Presets

Night Urban Lightroom presets are aimed to make your city night photos look dark and modern. These filters allow novices to quickly improve their photographs by adding warm colors, adjusting sharpness and contrast, enhancing photos taken in cloudy weather or low light.

Use these effects to add blue tones, highlight shades, make colors cooler and improve the natural shade of an image. Try using them to make your photos look more professional!