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Everyone is searching for some product to relieve some sort of discomfort or suffering. There are nutritional aids and supplements that can help. There are gadgets and machines that can help as well. It is important to keep looking, to keep learning and discovering new ideas.

There is a FREE and abundant way and system for getting through any hardship! It is called Deep Breathing Exercises. We, at Elemental Living and Brain Change, are spreading the word about Deep Intentional Breathing. Breathing is a fuel source that gets overlooked. Maybe that is because it is completely automatic. and So WHY pay attention!

Well the first answer is that increasing our fuel/oxygen/Prana intake is going to make more energy available to us. More fuel for cell regeneration, tissue and organ repair, a better functioning brain, which leads to better decision making, better organ function, better digestion, better body temperature regulation… more ENERGY!

I have been using and teaching Breathing Exercises for over 30 years. Forty years ago, I was living in Ashrams (quiet retreat centres in India) learning about the benefits of Yoga and more specifically Pranayama Yoga, which focuses on breathing and the various effects that breathing exercises can have on our body and mind!

In the year 2000, I launched Elemental Marketing, which was the name of my consulting business, aimed at increasing a company’s or an individual’s bottom line. It did not take long for me to see that self-care and personal balance was a key factor in achieving business success. As time went on, I focused more on the health and balance of the individual who was seeking business success.

I always incorporated meditation and breathing into “The Program” for success. Some Clients just wanted to look at spreadsheets and balance sheets. When I was more focused on just business success, that is what I helped with. We focused on corporate identity, mission statements, logos, market optics, we did financial projections and developed promotional programs.

As time went on, I started to make the correlation between business success and personal health and balance. Clients who were not succeeding had poor habits, sick bodies and were often living in denial of what is important in life. I started insisting, with Clients who were open to it, on looking at daily routines, habits and nutrition, which lead back to dealing with anxiety, worries and distraction. The word FOCUS, became a central focus or need for succeeding.

The way to focus was through, you guessed it, deep breathing and meditation. Quieting the mind is crucial for hearing our inner voice and seeing the way. There are a lot of people trying to teach breathing techniques and meditation online. In my e-Book, “We Breathe, Therefore We Are” I outline the importance of meditation, and present several types and styles. Whatever type of meditation you choose, the way to boost the effects of that meditation, is with some deep breathing exercises. The results that I have achieved with 5 to 10 minute breathing exercises is phenomenal! The effects are remarkable, and they are instant.

This message is to reach out to You, in helping get this information out to more people. As I said in the beginning, we overlook the power of breathing because it is automatic. Because we don’t have to think about it, we don’t. We continue with ‘survival breathing’ and we are happy with that.

Please help me get this information out to more people. Send the link to the e-book to friends and family. Don’t try to convince them of anything, that is what the book is for! “We Breathe, Therefore We Are” is an affordable way to understand what Breathing Exercises can do.

Once the wisdom of deep breathing exercises hits home, there are several routes that one can take. One can take the course, “Breathing 101”. There are many resources for learning how to incorporate these exercises into daily routines. There are very few programs out there that put it all together. There are a lot of videos on how to do a particular breathing technique, but there are few places with the big picture of including the breathing exercises as an integral part of a daily routine.

Deep Conscious Breathing, Deep Intentional Breathing, Breathing Exercises became a central teaching in my consultation approach. The effects run much deeper than meets the eye (or nose)! Join us in The Elemental Living Group, or reach out for more information.

Meanwhile, get the e-Book “We Breathe, Therefore We Are” and stay tuned for the complete work of “I Breathe, Therefore I AM”, which is coming out this Summer.

Breathe Deep My Friend,

Marcus Dupuis

The Elemental Living Group


  • Marcus Dupuis


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    Marcus is the founder of the Elemental Living Group and Brain Change Consulting, dedicated to several modalities for life balance. He is also a Mindfulness Coach and Breathing Coach. Marcus is the translator of the book "The Art of Listening to Life", a book which helps us re-establish our ability to hear our inner voice, which, through signs, signals and messages guide us to balance and coherence. Marcus uses the Breath to quiet the mind. It is the original mantra, it is an easy form of meditation. Take the course at BrainChangeConsulting.com/Action Breath deep my friends!