5 tips to quiet your mind and ease back into a state of calmness

Most anxiety attacks tend to worsen with the continuous inner dialogue. Regardless of the cause, the analytical mind continues to add more fuel to your state. When this happens it´s not always easy to snap out of the state and most often the anxiety increases, provoking other symptons such as shortness of breath, chest pain and/or a sense of panic.

For years  and living in a fast paced life I thought these states of anxiety were normal. Too much stress, not enough sleep, too much cafeine… sent me into a spiralling depression. Secretly I played the part of the sucessfull entrepreneur, putting on my perfect mask and smiled at the world. Inside my private world I suffered from anxiety and had, few but very tumultous reactions.

As I dived into alternative solutions and gave up the anti depressants, I learned through different personal devolpment tools how to control these incidents and eventually freed myself from anxiety all together. These following tips gave me the freedom I longed for and deserved:

1 – Breathe. Most panick attacks cause shortness of breath and a train of uncontrolable thoughts because we forget to breathe. So inhale deeply several times and exhale, focusing on your breaths and noticing how your body begins to ease with each breath.

2 – Place yourself in the observer´s seat. Watch your thoughts as if you were an outsider looking from the outside in and understand where the thoughts are coming from. Don´t resist. Just embrace them as they are part of the process.

3 – Repeat a mantra such as “everything is working out for me” or “life is happening to me not at me” or any other that makes sense to you.

4 – Focus on something other than what caused the anxiety attack, preferably something that makes you feel good. A field filled with beautiful flowers. Watching dolphins swim in the ocean. Being surrounded by your pets or loved ones.

5 – Remind yourself of who you really are. You are so much more and better in a state of calmness. Don´t settle for less than you deserve. Make better choices. Change your life. Ask for help.