He asked me ‘what are you looking for?

Freedom, I said

A desire to live in the wild

Man and nature

But, there’s a high cost

To being a free spirit


Easy to be with

Yet, easy to let go

A guru to himself

Yet, a relentless student




Of ships that have sailed

Why can you own me

I want to be me, unowned

Unleashed, like a wild animal

The power from within emanates

I looked for me in you

How? when I could barely find myself

Free but lonely

Chained but together

How do we chose?

Rid of the masculine

Devoid of the feminine

In and of itself, nothing really at all

Why do you keep me in your tight fist?

He said ‘be free’

And in him I found peace

I fought to come back

And in rejection, I was free

I fought to hold onto your love

And in letting go, I was no longer bound

I held on to their love

Like it was my last breath

But if love doesn’t come easy

Then is it really love at all?

Love can only co-exist

With freedom

So when he asked, what are you looking for?

This time, I said love