You have freedom in you


You drank it last night 

In the form of a glass of water 

And as you ate the food

Which had emerged from the ground


And you know

The way you laugh

Releasing all those beautiful funnies

Into the ether 


That thought that you had

Connecting words

Creating ideas

Envisioning your dream life


Oh and the moment you woke up

And decided who you wanted to be

Or making the choice be you, exactly as you are

To love you 


That’s freedom


Remember that step you took

Forwards, sideways

Even backwards

Or the way you ran across the field


And how about the dancing 

The ultimate expression

Of the shooting star inside 

In the form of movement 


Indeed, that too is freedom 


Ah and that beautiful breath you took

Filling up your lungs to full capacity

And releasing it slowly

As if time was an illusion


How you closed your eyes

Gracefully shutting out vision

To see nothing 

But feel everything 


There it is – the freedom in you


How you held hands

And kissed ferociously under the night sky

Creating a bond that would last forever

During this life, and the next


The high five

The cheeky wink

Living life like an actress 

Enjoying playing the roles of each moment


Freedom comes in different packages 

And that’s the whole point

For we are already free

We shackle ourselves

Imprison our own spirits






So real, yet completely illusory

Juxtaposed against freedom,

Aren’t these things simply frivolous?

Gods biggest joke

To remind you, 

Every single second 

Every single moment 

That you have freedom in you