As soon as I feel the internal pressure to be special or better than, I know I am feeling the opposite — not special, not good enough. Feelings of unworthiness can be so painful, and there are so many ways to try and escape these feelings. Trying to prove our worthiness by being better than. Numbing out from the pain by using coping mechanisms.

Psychology tells us the problem is an issue that needs to be resolved, but there is no gold to be mined there only an infinite amount of issues that will need fixing. Instead, less suffering is the by-product of understanding what the source of suffering is. Rather than amorphous issues being the problem, understanding where our experience comes from helps us to see that emotional suffering comes from our thoughts. Our feelings are our thoughts brought to life physiologically.

We don’t control what thoughts come to mind. But when we understand that suffering is a reflection of thoughts, we get better at not focusing on the thoughts that cause us pain. It doesn’t require effort to do this. When we see it, it is just common sense. We do it naturally and effortlessly and get better as we see more.

When we wake up to the inner narrative that creates suffering and realize it is a story, the narrative loses its power. A story is very different than the truth. We don’t take a story so seriously. It is not a fact. We see it as a version of reality and this makes room for other stories and other versions of realities.

Feelings don’t stick around unless we are taking the story behind them seriously. And what is left without the story?

The limitless potential of who you are.

Your Authentic Self that is beyond the intellect and beyond duality. It is the unchanging essence of all there is, and we create form and duality from it. This is all very helpful and useful in terms of navigating day to day life. I need the form of thought to help me live my life. If I didn’t create form from the formless potential of my true nature I wouldn’t be able to write this blog post. Creating form from the formless is very useful until we use thought against ourselves. Then it becomes painful. When we start comparing ourselves to others, find ourselves lacking, judge ourselves harshly, these are all ways we innocently misuse thought.

When we understand that is all that is happening, our feelings can be used as an indicator to let us know when we are using thought against ourselves. Our feelings let us know when we are hurting. When we know our thoughts are the source of our suffering, we then make choices based on that understanding that serve us rather than looking outside of ourselves or trying to improve ourselves or our circumstances to try and make ourselves feel better.

The form of thought is only ever an illusion. It is not real. It is a useful illusion at times, but when it isn’t useful, it is helpful to remember it is just an illusion, a temporary creation that is transitory and not the truth. Truth cannot be put into words or thought by the intellect. It can not be understood fully, but there is a feeling quality that we recognize as we experience it.

You have a personal relationship with your true nature. You have your reference points for what that is. Even though you can’t put the experience into words, you can recognize what the feeling is for you. Words like peace, well-being, love, compassion, expansiveness, lightness, inner knowing are signposts for me.

This may sound esoteric, but it is actually very practical. What could be more practical than having an inner knowing that helps you navigate day to day life and gives you fresh ideas and new thought? What could be more useful than having a nervous system with feelings that let you know if you are moving closer to your infinite potential or further away? What could be more helpful than knowing you are whole and complete exactly as you are and the only thing that makes you feel you are not are temporary thoughts that aren’t true.

It is so practical to be able to tell what your state of mind is and to know that peace and well-being are your natural state. As well as to be able to recognize when you aren’t there so you know not to trust your thoughts, to keep your mouth shut, and to hold off on pressing send on that irate email.

Understanding how the mind works is what makes navigating life easier. You spend less time paying attention to thoughts that aren’t helpful. And when you are too compelled to not pay attention to them and feel the effect of that, you will eventually remember and wake up to what you are doing and stop.

There is nothing to stress or worry about. You cannot get it wrong. You are always the limitless potential of all things expressing in the unique and magnificent form of YOU! You cannot be separated from your source, nor can your expression be anything other than that formless essence. No matter what the form of your expression takes, it cannot be separated from the one formless source that is behind everything.

The more you experience and see this for yourself, the more freedom from suffering you will experience.

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