This weekend, the sixth annual “Freedom Ruck” will arrive at Arlington National Cemetery after participants complete the 105 mile walk from in Richmond, VA. The march was created to inspire patriotism and support of our troops and veterans by Victor Wise, the son of a retired First Sergeant and Operation Enduring Freedom veteran.

“Rucking” is the act of hiking while carrying a weighted back on ones back, and implies action, energy and purpose. And for Wise and his crew, there is special significance to the Freedom Ruck–he hopes the ruck will serve as reminder to the general public to express their gratitude to the military community and their families.

“We try to lead by example and inspire folks to stand behind these heroes and their families. Our hope is to rally the public to take action. Our servicemen and women deserve to know how much we appreciate what they do,” Wise said in a press release about the event.

The Freedom Ruck will kick off at 7:30 AM on Friday January 4th and will travel north along Route 1. Wise will be joined by friends family and other supporters for the 105 miles, ending at Arlington National Cemetery on January 6.

Freedom Ruck monetary donations are 100% tax deductible and benefit The Navy SEAL Foundation. Over the past five years, Freedom Ruck has raised over $40,000 for the Foundation.

For more information on Freedom Ruck, visit them online or on social media and follow along January 4-6 for live updates: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.