Reviewing the freedom wand toilet aid

freedom wand

The freedom wand toileting aid has indeed come to revolutionize and change how most people suffering from obesity, limited mobility or have just come out of surgery to reach their butts with ease. Working at an elderly home, I have come face to face with the challenges that people with obesity, arthritis as well as those just out of spinal surgery can have.

They are unable to reach their butts making toileting such a difficult process. Some actually feel bad when they find that time to go relieve themselves has come and wonder what they can do. Others have to rely on caregivers and this denies them dignity as well as the privacy that going to the toilet should have and that is why we review the freedom wand at hosiped

The freedom wand kit comes with a long extender with fingers that hold the tissue paper comfortably so that you can then wipe your butt with ease. With this kit, you are assured of the following:

  • No more relying on your caregiver to help wipe your butt
  • No more brown arms.
  • No more pain as you try to reach out
  • No more poop smells after visiting the toilet.

History of the freedom wand

Deborah Tacoma, the inventor of the freedom wand came up with the idea after she had an accident and hurt her back. This made it hard for her to wipe her butt, shave or wash her back because of the excruciating pain that would grip her everytime she overstretched herself.

Other than wiping your butt, the freedom wand can also be used in shaving since all you will need is attach a shaver at the edge of the fingers and then go ahead to shave off those parts that you could not reach before. It can also be used for applying ointment. My patients have also found out that the freedom wand can act as a very good bathing aid to help them reach places that they would not reach before.

How to use the freedom wand

The freedom wand can be used for wiping your bottom, shaving, washing your body as well as applying ointment on your body. So, how are you able to achieve all this with it?

Using the wand to wipe your butt

You can use the freedom wand to wipe your bottom. Here is how to do it:

  1. Roll out enough tissue into the fingers of the butt wand and hold them using the fingers
  2. Direct the head covered with the tissue to your perineal area and wipe
  3. Use the button on the wand to release the used tissue inside the toilet bowl and flush
  4. Clean the wand thoroughly with soap and water or antiseptic.

Using the wand for shaving

  • Hold a shaving razor using the fingers of the wand
  • Reach areas you want to shave and apply pressure on the handle to shave.

Using the wand to apply ointment

  • Apply ointment on the ointment pad
  • Hold the pad using the wand fingers
  • Reach out to where you want to apply the ointment
  • Apply using pressure on the wand handle

Bathing using the wand

  • Hold a shower loofah on the fingers of the freedom wand
  • Reach out to the body part you want to wash with the wand
  • Apply pressure so as to bathe.

What I did not like about the freedom wand

Despite how effective it can be, there are a few things that made me not like the freedom wand that much. Here are just some of the reasons.

  • It is rather expensive as compared to other kits such as the juvo toilet aid with caddy
  • Can easily be contaminated by those who use it to bathe as well as toileting without proper cleaning
  • Rough use could have it breaking since it is rather fragile.


  • Trizah Wanja

    Trizah Wanja, Caregiver

    Trizah Wanja works as a palliative caregiver at a missionary hospice in Kenya where she is responsible for taking care of cancer and Parkinson's patients by encouraging them emotionally, spiritually and psychologically. She brings over 9 years of experience into hosiped.