Protecting the health of the body is necessary for movement. Caring for the mind is a celebration of the Spirit. When there is a cleansing of the mental psyche, a wealth of treasure arises. Gems and precious stones, revealing levels of wonder, passion, and creativity, in how humanity is supposed to matriculate throughout this natural jewel, called Earth. Thus, when an imbalance occurs in the mind and Spirit, one can feel an imbalance in the body. Doesn’t matter how healthy, well-developed the physical appearance, appears! Dysfunction will take place, when a centralizing of the mind and body have gone, array.

One of the beautiful arenas surrounding mental health and wellness is that it reveals, truth! Unlike one’s physical appearance, one cannot fake the well-being of one’s mental and emotional state, for long. It comes out in different ways. Mental and emotional instabilities reveal themselves in a myriad of auras. Our emotional psyche is more than being alert, and abilities of getting through the day. Its a check-in! What is the reality of our lives? Are we stable in how we maneuver through our days? Are we happy? A simple question, with so much depth!; Edits By Lauren K. Clark

May is Mental Health Awareness Month! We could consider this month to as a focal point. That very check-in needed to assess where we are in our happiness? Knock. Knock. Are you well, mentally, today? This very question, alone, provides a safe space. A guide of liberation from however we have been imprisoned, mentally? Picture it as that breath of release, that we have been waiting for. Holding it in for many months, and never feeling safe to express it. The month of May gives everyone that opportunity to, tell the truth! No matter how ugly and unpleasant, it may seem. If our mental health pictures and stories do not look pretty, then its time to dig at the very core of what’s going on.

For those, who make mental health a work of practice, throughout the entire year, May is another celebration. Its a dream of connecting with others, who have been in it for a long period of time, OR it is a moment of getting your personal, mental wake-up call. Shaken up and all shook up! Shaking you, breaking you, and building you right back up, again! Just remember that the building part happens throughout the entire year. It is consistent work. Empowering one’s improvement of mental health is simply that, work! Like with exercise, or other skills we are trying to master, that improvement takes time. Its rooted in honesty. How are we willing to grapple with an honest presentation of our very existence? Honesty doesn’t always feel good. In fact, there are moments when a person can feel themselves plunging down into a mental train wreck. That’s part of the breaking part. And, when you break, it hurts. Like glass being shattered into a million different pieces, once you break, you have to glue them back together, again.

When merging your entire existence together, there is an eloquence taking place. You must be meticulous. Your vision needs to be keen. And, your patience must be enjoyed. When you go through the task of putting something back together, each part is up for re-discovery. There are parts a person may have forgotten, or didn’t recognize were there. Because the task is so tedious, close examination is required. Every detail, shape, pattern, and design is appreciated. More knowledge of each piece is required should one be successful in crafting the wholeness of these individual fragments.; Edits By Lauren K. Clark

Mental Health Awareness Month is a soothing period for wellness. The release in acknowledging, I am not well, is what makes it so gentle. A person can feel the stabbings into one’s spiritual, emotional, and mental wounds come to a halt. Ripped open in revelation, they acquire the taste of air, and begin the process of healing. Another attribute concerning dedicating a month to mental health awareness, is that it dismisses any notion that imbalances connected to one’s mental and emotional stability are solely for “the insane.” Whatever prominent images concocted in film, television, or the media of crazy people running around with straight jackets on, as the image of mental instability are swept out of the door. Having a month dedicated to mental care, which includes the public, makes the conversation a normal one. It is no longer a “taboo” subject. Mental health is health care. Period. There is nothing taboo, or out of the ordinary concerning this. Our emotional psyche is just another wellness category, in living all of the treasures and tastes of Earth’s paradise.

There is love and nourishment in recognizing the state of our happiness. As times are changing, people have been wanting to live better. Feel better. This whole notion that “life is hard” is a farce. In fact, the term “hard” forces us to stifle our very humanity. In this conception of life, emotions are supposed to be suppressed. People are instructed to wonder about as robots. Always on the go. Never slowing down or becoming involved in the atmosphere of enjoying the freshness of life. The miracle of this current vibe is how it is erasing this very notion from, our minds.; Edits By Lauren K. Clark

The world is moving into a healthier version of our being. Whatever we have been trained or taught about “naturally” being, is being re-evaluated. Re-addressed. Re-explored. If our Earth is a paradise, then why are so many living in hell? Ah! The irony of it all. As we are looking forward to delve further into that irony, there will be new discoveries pertaining to life’s essence. New coloration of Earth’s lens are addressed. New explorations of healthier lives are being revealed to us. What were deemed as being “impossible” are now part of the possible. Addictions, depression, anxiety, and whatever imbalances are taking place in our separation from Universal alignment, can be healed. There is living proof of this! Many of us are living proof of this.

When we break, the pieces will come back together. That’s how the law of Universal fluidity works. The issue is how do you want them to flow back to you? Rushing will only ensure that you end right back in your same flow of toxicity, as before. Perhaps, it may even be worse. So, take your time. Putting oneself together should be enjoyed. There should be a comfort taking place when reclaiming wholeness in one’s emotional psyche. Those inner scars and pains can be glossed over. Imagining nature’s elixir of honey silken over hidden scars and bruises. Its relieving to feel. Its loving when you know, recognize, and accept that you are deserving of healing!; Edits By Lauren K. Clark

Gliding forward through our maneuvering of Earth’s sacred planes. The world is waking up. We want love! Our minds are sacred. Our emotions matter. In fact, the mind and Spirit are the initial foundations in there being stability for the nourishment of our bodies. Our minds and Spirits channel holistic energy into our bodies. When we align those two entities with Universal euphoria, we experience a wonder of healing, that we never imagined. Mental health is a wellness of its own. Let’s continue to make it part in our journey of healthy living. Our minds are one of our most powerful assets. Greatness starts with the mind. Love starts with the mind. Health gives birth in the mind! Free our minds, and the health will follow.; Edits By Lauren K. Clark By Lauren K. Clark)