Now, that Friday is coming to a close, let’s take a break. It’s time to stop with time. Stop the thinking. Stop working. Stop worrying. Just, STOP! Shut down your thoughts for just one moment. It’s time to think, hear, and feel in a different way.

Already, we have entered into articulations concerning how we have been controlled by watches, clocks, and other digital devices. It’s alright. We can mention it again. However, this time, let’s me cognizant of meditation (and reflection) once we stop permitting ourselves to be controlled by time. Much of it comes from our own wrongdoing, in wanting to be in “control” of time. What an illusion we truly have! Then again, it’s the human ego. We can’t just seem to let it go. Do you need help? Here we go.

STOP. Stop. STOP. Stop. Stop! Let go of time, for once. Release “control” of time, for now. It’s time we move a little differently. Let’s move to a more gentle, loving, tender, and caressing sound.

Wind Down. Lay down. Stay down. Rest around. You are free. The clocks have been stopped. Time is on your side. Now, lay low for a while. The clocks ⏰ have stopped. They don’t control you, for now. Perhaps, this is how we are meant to live, anyhow.

Beverly Wolff