It’s the first day of October 1, 2021. A new month has come. What does that mean for the winding down of today? Well, it means a number of things. First, a new timing (and era) has come. Whatever has happened in the past, let it go. Should it come back again, we’ll, you have another opportunity. Thus time around, one is given another awakening in how to handle a problem, situation, or person.

Another Friday and the week has ended. Though we are in Autumn, the sun continues to shine; brightly shining in certain parts of the world. Regardless of the day, love is around. Whether we choose to embrace it (or accept it), it is around. So, how does it feel? How do you feel? The week has ended. Are you craving the desire for love? Do you want to experience love for these coming days?

For way too many people, love is not one of the things they think about after a long day at work. Thoughts of fatigue, getting home, cooking dinner, relaxing, and figuring out what to do on the weekend are what comes to mind. For those who are married, have families, or are in loving (committed) relationships, that’s a different story. Yet, even with this demographic, how many people are committed to the phenomenon of self-love and internal cleansing, after a long day’s work? Have you ever pondered upon this long enough?

It’s Friday. Let’s go into that realm. Let’s go in a winding down time, during our drive from home. How do we figure that out? For now, don’t worry about that. Just listen to the music, and we’ll figure the rest out-some day, somehow!

Wind down Darlings to love’s poetic sound!

Beverly Wolff