I am flawed. Not perfect. A little crazy. Often anxious. Completely consumed with the future and tenacious in my drive to creating the future of my dreams. I often get so wrapped up in the “what-if’s” that I can hardly see straight and become a ball of tears on floor. Although these moments are not on the daily, they happen to the best of us. So often we are quick to share in the good news and life triumphs, yet fearful in sharing our less than perfect moments.

Our vulnerabilities are what bind us. When you hear the words, “me too” in a time of difficulty or even in a time of triumph, community is created. Here are my top three reasons your friends are everything:

1. Vision Keepers. We all have dreams. We all have passions. Often times in our quest to create the “picture perfect” life we forget ourselves. As women, we wear so many different labels and the most important label, YOU, gets lost in the shuffle. What are your passions? What are your dreams? Have you forgotten? When you have a strong chick mafia around you that you have shared your dreams and passions with, they won’t let you forget. So many times in this journey of entrepreneurship building Two Chicks Cocktails, I have literally been in the fetal position, sobbing on the ground, unable to see the solution. My chick mafia scoops me up, dusts me off reminds me of the badass I am, my vision and then send me on my way.

2. Safe Space. Let me defer to the first paragraph of this blog: the flawed, anxious, crazy part. My chick mafia loves me without condition. Does this mean that they agree with everything I throw at them or don’t get completely exhausted of my hang-ups on the same issue over and over again? Nope. However, they listen. Incessantly. They school me with honesty and objectivity without EVER making me feel small. Oftentimes, they put me in my place…with love. They force me to look at situations with self-reflection, own my part and gently guide me back to my purpose. My chick mafia doesn’t allow me to forget my worth. Non-judgment is a beautiful thing.

3. FUN. Life is about finding your joy and purpose. It is our divine right to have the life we have dreamed of. With so much seriousness, life should also be fun. My chick mafia reminds me to find the JOY. Recently, one of my chicks threw me a ‘just because’ party. Her goal? To remind me that I am LOVED and SUPPORTED. Sometimes, it’s a night of dancing and being silly. Other times, it’s a group sound bath and meditation. Your chick mafia should know you.

Here’s the deal. If you want to get close, you have to be vulnerable. You can’t feel great love without the possibility of feeling great hurt. When I let my walls down with other women, I received the greatest gift of friendship. I call them my chick mafia. My wish is for every woman to have this support in her life. We are stronger together.

Dreamed it…then real “lifed” it. XO! -Meghan