During a conversation with Andrey Berezin, head of the Federal state budgetary institution “House of peoples of Russia”, it was possible to find out what the first year was for the institution that unites the peoples of the country

60 agreements on cooperation in the field of national policy, analysis and scaling of the most effective practices of the regions, the launch of the country’s first youth competition for the best social project in the field of national policy, organization of a number of key events — this and much more House of peoples held in less than a year.

This year in March, the institution was established. What are the key reasons for its organization in your opinion?

Today, the overall situation in the field of national policy and interethnic relations in Russia is improving. Everyone is well aware that work in this direction should continue. Well, the idea of creating the Federal state budgetary institution “House of peoples of Russia” is connected with the fact that there are now 21 Federal national and cultural autonomy of different peoples in our country. And there was not a single Federal state institution that could contribute to their work in methodological and organizational terms.

Another motivation for the creation of the Federal state budgetary institution “House of peoples of Russia” is that now in each subject of Russia there are different Houses of friendship, Houses of nationalities or National cultural centers. They are organized by local authorities and work within the region. In Moscow, for example, it is the Moscow house of nationalities. Our task from the position of an older brother is to coordinate actions and conduct joint events.

Are these events festivals or are they held in other formats?

Events are held in various formats at a high level, and the goal is the same everywhere-to help people and peoples learn more about each other. This is the key to success and unity, so that we do not divide, but enrich each other. Well, it is important for the state to help people preserve what they have.

Is there already a schedule of events for next year?

We want to conduct training events for friendship Houses and the fnka of Russia, as well as various master classes. A specific action plan is currently being developed, we consult with the regions, find out who wants what. Next year, by the way, the 800th anniversary of the birth of Alexander Nevsky will be celebrated, and for many people it is associated with the source of our statehood. We will probably do something to coincide with this date. Lots of ideas. I can only say one thing with confidence-next year we will do more and even better.

Where have you been recently and what do you remember most?

I was in Kazan, and it turned out that the city is now in second place after Moscow in terms of the number of foreign students. The region turned out to be attractive for foreigners and people of all religions feel comfortable in the city. In Tatarstan, in principle, it is so established that if something is done, it is done for everyone, and none of the citizens are deprived.

Your headquarters are located in building 22 on Shchepkin street in Moscow. We have previously heard about your plans to restore the building. Is that so?

Exactly. Currently, the building requires restoration work,which we have already started. In 2020, part of the building’s area will be renovated and equipped for the work of the House of peoples of Russia. The renovation will also affect the offices of the fnka of Russia, so that all their representatives can be located under one roof. In 2021, it is planned to develop design and estimate documentation that will allow for a large-scale restoration of the building. Well, we want to make a real house of the peoples of Russia, where various organizations and people will gather, who will be able to hold joint events aimed at preserving our multi-ethnic culture.