Inspiration has no borders. On my creative quest as a designer, I continue to be infinitely inspired by the world treasury of historical and cultural design references. After being exposed to the global citizenry in my professional travels and connecting with people from different places, I recognized that as responsible Earth custodians, we are all united by seeking a meaningful fulfillment. A realized creative potential on any stage offers a profound sense of self-worth on our unique individual path, propelling us to live dignified lives. The inner state of personal happiness, collectively, can lead to peaceful coexistence.

Some time ago I journeyed to Jerusalem to create a whimsical and innovative lingerie collection. Feeling exuberant, I immersed myself into the melting pot of my new environment. One busy season, the sample room was buzzing in preparation for New York Market Week. Over the weekend two of my colleagues brought their children in and needed a babysitter. My teammate Suleiman was from East Jerusalem. His daughter was five years old. My teammate Edna, born in Yemen, came with her six years old son. I volunteered with my sketchbook, magic markers and colored pencils ready. Equipped only with my art supplies, we spread out on the floor of my studio, surrendering to our inner artists. Without delay, the children plunged into the art project. Oblivious to their imposed, given identities, they playfully engaged with each other, joined in a universal language outside of drawn borders and barriers. I felt privileged to observe the children’s interaction that bubbled with the air of harmony and pure joy. I was uplifted and forever transformed by this soulful experience. Just witnessing a transcending power of artistic communication, I envisioned a roadmap to a world peace, possibly conceived in a crayon box.

When we engage with each other through a language, understood by all, we embrace a reality that stretches and pierces boundaries. By highlighting cross-cultural links and our shared design inheritance, we reveal how interconnected we are within the spectrum of our diversity. This awareness shifts belief systems and facilitates change. It encourages closer cooperation, assuring the wellbeing of our Blue Planet and all its inhabitants.