Say the name John Campbell, and a room full of the most influential people in Hollywood is sure to tune in eagerly. The Los Angeles luxury real estate agent has become a force to reckon with in the luxury real estate industry. He has since been helping Hollywood’s rich and famous navigate the expansive geographical terrain of the whole Los Angeles area. This includes staking a claim in Beverly Hills, Bel-Air, and Holmby Hills, and everywhere from Malibu to the Hollywood Hills and Downtown LA in investment properties, selling, finding, and buying their dream home. 

Not only is John a seasoned realtor in Hollywood, but he is also an award-winning and BAFTA-nominated actor, writer, and producer. John has starred in many acclaimed British feature films, including ’31 North 62 East’, ”Forty-Five and 10 Dead Men’, not to mention B.A.F.T.A nominated ‘Winner Takes All,’ which he also wrote and produced. Because of this incredible recognition in Hollywood, he has been able to build and foster solid relationships with luxury buyers and high-end sellers in Hollywood, actors, celebrities, professional athletes and high-net-worth individuals whose real estate holdings dot the globe. Today, John is the go-to real estate agent in Hollywood.

Together with his team, brokerage P.L.G. Estates, John Campbell has changed the game of Los Angeles real estate in the last 20 years. Unlike many other brokerages in L.A, such as skymarketing. today, P.L.G. Estates goes by the firm belief that real estate doesn’t have to be boring. They have a unique approach to navigating the real estate market. They are a group of creative minds in Los Angeles Realty and one of the most well known real estate brokerages in the world – the best of the best. John and his team of misfits work from four offices within the brokerage P.L.G. Estates all over Los Angeles, including Beverly Hills, Los Feliz, Toluca Lake, and Playa Vista.

John continues to defy the market expectations by having a wide-reaching international network of high-end clientele and high-net-worth individuals, which is an incredible resource for prospective sellers and buyers. His practicality and solution-based approach to navigating the real estate market partnered with his extensive knowledge of the category makes him a highly-sought after agent helping clients sell, find and buy their dream homes and investment properties in the entire Los Angeles.

Central to John’s success, however, is his dedication to his clients. Given his high-profile persona, clients are surprised to find him going extra steps to always keep their interest in mind. What makes him stand out is his honest and genuine approach in providing quality and timely advice to his clients that ultimately saves them time and money.

His extensive network and unique approach makes him the go-to realtor in buying, selling, investing, trading, or diversifying your portfolio in Hollywood real estate.

John lives with his wife Stephanie in Los Angeles, California, and is involved in the development and production of several feature films and T.V. productions, including Lunchbox, Girl Samurai, and Artifact Red, while striving to accomplish milestones in the Los Angeles real estate unlike anyone before.