I don’t remember most things, but how can I forget how it all started. A young girl with a dream who was terrified of seeing that black pick up truck, and a man who has traveled around the world and back for decades. I can go on and on about what those two did before they met each other, but is it even relevant? I mean sure, it did shape them in to the people they are today, but at the same time, meeting one other is what changed everything. meeting each other turned into what they needed. it turned in to what they both needed to keep going, keep surviving, to keep moving forward, and to keep moving forward together. 

The first three years was a student teacher bond that at first was intimidating, but grew with time. I don’t know exactly what he saw in her, but he pushed her and shaped her in to not only a wrestler, but a human being able to survive in this crazy world. 

Fast forward about one or two years were the world shut down. She feels trapped, alone, and full of anger being stuck in a house she disliked very much, and what does he do? for nearly a year he picks her up everyday to spend the day with each other. whether it was working out with bands in an empty asylum, or just sitting at the beach staring at the water while time passed by, they were and are to this day inseparable. Good or bad, right or wrong, rain or shine, they will get through life together, til the day they both are gone.