1 year ago I was a struggling videographer.

Today, I am a partner in 2 online businesses that generate over 7 figures a year each.

I accomplished this while living in Bali and experiencing the worst pandemic in our lifetime (along with everyone else).

So what did I do differently than other people that helped me grow so significantly?

I’m going to share the framework I’ve been applying to my life that I’ve used to learn ANYTHING I want. QUICKLY.

I’ll also show you to apply these newfound skills efficiently to get REAL RESULTS.

This framework can be divided into 3 PARTS:

  1. WHAT skills I should learn first to level up my life
  2. HOW to learn so it won’t take me years to acquire one skill
  3. WHO to partner with to put rocket fuel behind my new skills

WHAT skills I should learn first to level up my life

I want to learn how to surf. I want to learn Spanish. I want to learn…

If you make a list of ALL the things you want to learn in your life, it’s a bit overwhelming.

It’s natural to mentally catalog all the things you want to learn and tuck it away in the drawer in your brain marked “Someday”.

Here’s the secret to not falling into this trap.

You need to focus in on ONE THING to learn.

But how do you pick what to learn?

Everyone is different, so everyone will have a different answer of what they want to learn first.

The best way to choose what to learn first is to see which ONE THING will make the biggest impact in your life.

  • If you need to make more money, the next skill to learn should allow you to make more money per hour of effort.
  • If you are unhappy because you are out of shape or have low energy, the next thing you should focus on is learning how to eat healthily and live an active lifestyle.
  • If you are lonely and want to meet the guy/girl of your dreams
    • Learn how to meet and talk to the opposite sex.
    • Learn How to be confident and how to be yourself.

For me, I wanted to create an income online. I had no idea a pandemic was coming, but I knew I didn’t want to rely on only working with clients that were physically close to me.

I wanted the freedom of working from wherever I wanted and with whomever I wanted.

Through a very quick brainstorming session, I could easily identify the gap in my skillset that allowed me to create an income online.

I’ve never done it before. I had no idea about where to even start.

Most people would see the gap of where they wanted to be and what they didn’t know and get overwhelmed and quit, but I’m not like most people. And if you’re reading this, neither are you.

HOW to learn so it won’t take me years to acquire one skill

Now that I’ve identified the gap, I needed to figure out the best way to learn how to make money online.

This part is simple.

Step 1: Make a list of people who are experts at what you want to learn.

Step 2: Take inventory of ALL THE THINGS you’re good at.

Step 3: Match what you’re good at with what these people need.

I identified that online entrepreneurs who knew how to create digital products and funnels and use all these fancy ads to get eyeballs on them were who I wanted to learn from.

I also knew that, well, their videos all looked the same. And seemed pretty scammy.

So I took my skill (which was creating high quality cinematic videos) and I reached out to successful online entrepreneurs I knew to create content for them and to manage their entire process from front to end.

Here’s where a lot of people slip up. They try to charge what they’ve normally charged or want to charge.

But you need to realize that you’re trying to level up. You can’t expect to get paid the same amount as other people doing this work AND learn from them.

Instead of getting a paycheck, I made this proposition.

I wanted to be a partner. I wanted to take on as much risk as them, and only get a piece of the pie if there was a profit. If there wasn’t a profit, I’d end up having worked without pay, just like them.

But on top of this risk, I wanted to get into the day to day of learning how they did what they did.

This was the best decision of my life. It was a win-win for me.

If we were successful in a project (led by an expert if you did your HW on them), I got a percent of the profit which most likely will be more than you would have made being paid your normal fee.

If we failed, I would walk away with FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE on how to run an online business and what NOT to do.

“We learn wisdom from failure much more than from success. We often discover what will do, by finding out what will not do; and probably he who never made a mistake never made a discovery”

Samuel Smiles

In our first month, we made over $240,000 profit. Of which I received a percentage and a partnership in this business.

WHO to partner with to put rocket fuel behind my NEW skills

My partnership in this company was based on my OLD skills.

In the following months, I began taking on new responsibilities WILLINGLY to learn new skills and to prove my worth with my new partners.

Very quickly, I became head of the Sales Department, grew an Email Marketing Team, and set up the automation and processes in the company so we could scale with less people.

This was NOT easy work, but they were all skills I was interested in. I was NOT taking on these roles because I wanted to do them forever. I wanted to acquire this knowledge so I knew how to build a team around this in the future.

And this strategy panned out.

When other high level entrepreneurs heard about our growth, I was always the main person recommended to people to talk to for advice on how to replicate our success.

This was because I was the one who acquired the most knowledge on how to fix the growing pains we experienced.

It’s not hard for a conversation to go from:

“How can I fix this in my company?” to “Do you want to partner with me to help me fix this in my company?”

In the last year, I’ve acquired more knowledge and skills than I have in the last 2 decades of my life. I’ve recalibrated the standard in my capacity to learn and acquire new skills quickly.

My value has increased exponentially in the eyes of my new partners which also has a DIRECT correlation in the amount of opportunities available to me.

If you want to grow the amount of opportunities in your life, you’ll need to follow a different framework than we’re taught.

You don’t need to spend 10,000 hours to learn a new skill.

You don’t need to do it alone.

You don’t need to wait for someone to give you permission to start.

Find the one skill you need to learn to change your life.

Go ALL IN and work with the best experts you can find who you can learn from.

Take your new mashup of skills to new opportunities and leverage the heck out of them.