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For as long as I have heard, written, and said the word disease, I am so surprised it has taken me as long as it has to make one big connection. That would be the connection between dis-ease bringing about disease.  Have you ever come across someone who seemed to be in great shape physically, but mentally they were overworked, exhausted, fearful, and possibly ill? There is a strong connection between internal stress and uneasiness leading to actual disease.

 Everything within the body- from your toes up to the top of your head- is interconnected. When any part of the body is feeling tension or uneasiness from things causing distress such as feeling broken-hearted, trauma, worrying about a project’s due date, swerving out of traffic, or any other event that has occurred or is occurring, the body begins to send signals up to the brain, which then signals your adrenal glands to make and start releasing cortisol, the stress hormone. When fear or stress creep in, cortisol is released as a part of the fight or flight mechanism. However unlike eustress (good stress) or stress that comes and goes (like after you give that presentation you were stressing), the cortisol released when you are distressed doesn’t ever reach a level of completion.  There is no outlet for this cortisol, unless you balance yourself out again and find a way to lower your cortisol level.

We all experience an excess amount of cortisol from time to time. Fear and stress are bound to happen, and that is what signals the cortisol to be released. However, when it’s consistent over a longer period of time that is when issues may arise. Cortisol does have some benefits such as regulating metabolism, assisting in inflammation reduction, controlling blood sugar, and even aids in memory formation. But when the body is constantly in a high-stress zone over a longer period of time, that excess amount of cortisol within the body can bring about numerous unwanted symptoms. A few examples include acne, high blood pressure, depression, extreme fatigue, and the list goes on.  When your body feels dis-ease in any way, you create unhealthy dysfunction within that you may not even realize. Dis-ease has the ability to bring about disease. 

Understanding how important it is to care for your overall health and well-being is crucial.  Below are some ways to help keep your mind, body, and overall self in a healthier place. 

Find ways to keep your mind at ease.

  • Practice mindfulness and meditation.
  • Listen to music that calms you.
  • Visit an art gallery.

Engage in physical activities that re-create that fight-or-flight experience while allowing cortisol to be released.

  • Incorporate exercises into your daily routine: running, biking, and kick-boxing.

Get in a good laugh.

  • Do things and surround yourself with people that make your soul feel good.
  • Laugh and joke, your sense of humor will help lower your cortisol levels.

De-stress, release, and prevent any dis-ease from coming your way.  You deserve to live a happy, worry-free life!

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