The fashion world is an interesting one as there is a flavor for everyone. From high-end designer names to luxury materials, to cool streetwear, and even everyday essentials like underwear and socks–we all seek to feel comfortable and look good in the clothes we wear. The ever-changing consumer preference in regard to clothing as seasons and trends evolve creates an industry that constantly puts out new stuff at a low cost. This phenomenon is called fast fashion and it is a root cause for the mass amount of pollution created by the garment industry. 

Many new and legacy clothing brands are aware of this issue and are using more sustainable sourcing and production methods. Things like hydrophobic fabrics, recycled products, and premium quality raw materials are all foundations for creating sustainable fashion products. For LumberUnion–a Washington state based apparel brand–they’re implementing green practices in every area of the business.

Scalable impact

LumberUnion creates men and women’s clothing–like shirts, hoodies, underwear, and pants–and for every unit sold, they plant a tree through their partnership with AmericanForests. They look for places in the US that have been affected by forest fires or erosion to help rebuild those areas. This type of give-back program helps keep the planet beautiful and abundant while offsetting the unavoidable emissions throughout the business. 

LumberUnion facilities and partner facilities are powered by renewable energy which furthers their commitment to sustainable operation. It’s important for them to give back to the wondrous planet that provides the material they use. Green processes and energy are embedded into their manufacturing and operations just as supporting a local economy is in their DNA.

Spirit of the Pacific Northwest

LumberUnion is a proud American company that supports a local economy. All of the cotton is grown and sourced in the US and the clothes are woven here in the US as well. LumberUnion is sourcing the highest quality cotton to use for their premium line of long lasting apparel. Celebrating the energy of their beautiful home in the Pacific Northwest, LumberUnion embraces and designs for the emerging lifestyles.

This is a great contrast when compared to the low quality goods in the fast fashion culture stemming in poor standards of raw materials and labor. It’s a very intentional effort to build community impact and sustainability into the DNA of a business and pulling it off while maintaining profitability isn’t easy. LumberUnion has gone through leadership changes that brought an innovating mover and shaker to the forefront.

Bold and proven leadership

Originally coming in as the CFO of LumberUnion in October of 2018, Shane Boudreau helped the company secure several million in funding. Later–in February of 2020–Boudreau was named CEO just as COVID-19 swept across the nation. He brings a long track record of success as an entrepreneur that will help scale LumberUnion and change the way clothes are made. 

Boudreau sold his first company that he started in the IT space and went on to consult for Fortune 100 and 500 brands. He then cofounded VestIn Money Management and and sold both companies in 2019 for eight figures.

Inspired by his family serving in the Military overseas and the struggles that soldiers experience during power outages abroad–Boudreau invented a hydroelectric generator for the Military. He had no prior experience in engineering but did all of the research and delivered a design that was accepted. Leveraging all his ingenuity and experience in fundraising and developing businesses, with Boudreau’s leadership, LumberUnion will likely be growing faster than ever.

As conscious consumers discover more brands like LumberUnion that align with their need for a premium, ethically sourced, and created clothing–fast fashion will continue to shrink. High-quality materials in clothing mean they survive more washing cycles which keeps them out of the landfills longer. Clothing can last a lifetime, maybe it’s about time we treat it that way.


  • Peter Salib

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