How often do we tell our children to “just try”?

Giving them encouragement with words such as, “just give it go and do your best”.

Because we know a sure way to get over our fear of doing something is to do that very thing.

And yet as adults we seem to lose that ability to just give something a go.

And those thoughts of what if we fail

What if we look stupid

What if others laugh or criticise? Consume our mind.

So we don’t “just try”.

We stay stuck.

Stuck in the same job.

In the same relationship.

In the same business.

Because our fear is strong.

Fear can be the biggest reason you don’t go after your dreams and desires. 

It can be the thing that literally paralyses you from taking just one single step towards your goals.

But here’s the thing.  Fear is never going to leave you.


It is there to keep you safe.

It is there to make sure you don’t run in the road.  Put your hand in the fire.

But it also keeps you safe and in your comfort zone and you and I both know that’s not where the life you desire will be found.

Moving out of your comfort zone is, quite frankly, the best thing you can ever do.

Will it scare you?


Will your fear kick and scream like a toddler in the supermarket who’s been told they can’t have sweets?


But how much do you want the life you desire?


Have a think about that question for just one moment.

How much do you want things to change?

What are you willing to do, have, or change to get there?

Most people say they want a life of freedom, wealth, abundance, excitement….

But very few are willing to do what it takes.

Few are willing to face their fears.

To have a conversation with their fear which is really going to upset it.

It’s easier to stay put.

Stay with what you know.

Your fear will be happier.

Life will feel easier. For a while anyway.

But then you’ll have this nagging voice in your head.

The one that reminds you, you’re not living the fun and fabulous life you want.

You’re not living the life of your dreams.

Your true desires.

Your heart yearns for more.

Your soul knows it’s here to do more.

And yet you stay small.

And hidden.

And yet that voice will never stop.

You will constantly be reminded that there’s so much more in the world for you.

That your potential has not yet been fulfilled.

And there’s a life waiting for you just outside the comfort zone you’re insistent on staying in.

So, you have a choice.

What do you want to do?

You can either stay in your comfort zone.

Stay where your fear wants to keep you.

Or you can decide that the life you want is more important than anything.

The way you want to feel.

The Freedom

The Love

The Abundance

The Wealth

You are going to make it happen no matter what.

And then it’s time.  Time for you to have a conversation with your fear to let it know that things are going to change.

To show it from now on, you are in charge.

And you are going after the life and desires you want.

And the dynamics start to change.

You feel empowered.  Strong.

 The life you want suddenly feels do-able.  And you are going to go for it.

So what’s next?

It’s time to take the next step.  It’s time to change your relationship with your fear.

Time to tell it how things are going to be moving forward.

Start by creating a character for your fear.  View your fear as separate to you, so you can talk to it.

And if your fear is currently a character that scares you, decide to change it. Make it something more fun. More approachable.

Think about how old your fear is. How you would talk to a 6 year old is a very different conversation to talking to a 16 year old.

Start building a relationship of trust between you and your fear. So you can start trusting your fear will no longer keep you stuck and your fear can start trusting you.

Yes, you read that right. Your fear can start trusting you. Trusting that you will keep both of you safe.

And then it will start loosening its grip just enough for you to take a step towards your goals and desires. And that one step leads to another and then another.

When you change your relationship with fear, you allow yourself to move towards the life and business you truly desire.