Cellular Usage: The Controlled-Access Highway

“I hate that cell phone. If I had my druthers, you wouldn’t have one. I can’t compete against that piece of metal and plastic that you have glued to your ear 24-7! What has this world come to? When I was a child…”

Those were the incessant complaints that I roared as I pounced upon my preoccupied and unsuspecting daughter at the formative age of 11. Then one day I realized that the enemy I created in my mind’s eye was not going to disappear. I knew that cell phones were here to stay, and if I generated too much resistance, I would create an irreparable chasm between my beloved daughter and I. I knew that to maintain a harmonious existence between us, I had to make peace with technology. And so, from that day forward, I stopped complaining…for the most part.

Technological Turnaround

Fast forward 7-years and here I sit in quarantine, and boy, has my attitude changed. Now technology, social media in particular, is my lifeline. It is one of, if not THE best friend I have right now. In fact, I don’t know how I would navigate my way through this new, unchartered terrain without it.

As is the case with the rest of the world, my life has been turned upside down and inside out. Anything and everything that I thought I had control of has been unraveled. Throughout the past month I have had time, the kind of time I have not had the luxury of experiencing for forty years. There’s been no deadlines to meet, no tasks that have to be completed. Even payment requirements for bills and taxes have been put on hold. How foreign. How terrifying for the type-A doer in me that has identified my worth in all that I can accomplish. My sole responsibility has been to shelter in place – alone. Me, myself and I, and thank Goddess, I have my laptop and cell alongside me.

Virtual Viaducts

As I have been clinging to the cliff of my own fears, virtual viaducts that bypass the trappings of my ego-based anxieties have been provided by four particular communities. Each of the daily community calls are free of charge and have been built to support all of us in taking a valiant, trusting leap into the being present with ourselves. They are all non-denominational in nature and honor all, whatever your beliefs, race or sexual orientation. In their own unique ways, they each support me in going within and dealing with my anxieties head-on. I am finding that once I face my trepidations and fill myself with light and love, then I can energetically support the world as a whole. For if I am filled with fear, my energetic system remains low in frequency. When this is the case, I do not have the fortitude to contribute towards the wellbeing of others.

Four Fast Track Freeways to Freedom

The four communities that have been nurturing me and sustaining my positive outlook throughout this trek are:

  1. Panache Desai (www.PanacheDesai.com)
  2. O&O Academy, Chennai, India  (www.pkconsciousness.com)
  3. Doug Bentley’s Sacred Wisdom School (www.SacredWisdomSchool.com)
  4. Shematrix International Women’s Group (www.Shematrix.com)

Each of these extraordinary, transformational programs are committed to planetary healing. They support us in experiencing a beautiful and serene state within our hearts, one that integrates into our surroundings once fully embraced. In their own unique ways, each of these consciousness-raising communities have held my “virtual” hand as I plunged into the mysterious waters of the unknown. Insane as it may sound, while I have no idea what the future holds, throughout most of my days in solitude I am basking in calm, cleansing waters. I am learning to surrender my agenda and embrace the new normal, thanks to technology and the virtual communities it has afforded me. My fears are replaced with a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation for my virtual lifelines and for my one-time foe, now friend, technology!