Let’s be honest, you want more. 

You have dreams. And you can easily see yourself in the future doing work you love, having an impact in the world, and the whole money part just feels…easy.

But, then you flash back to the current moment and see little to none of that dream vision anywhere in your present reality. Am I right?

Right now feels a little more like getting by rather than living free and changing the world — and the money part feels far from easy at the moment.

So the question is, how do you turn that daydream into a real business and life that gives you the freedom, impact, and let’s be honest, wealth you really desire?

It’s this question that I’ve focused almost the last decade of my life on first for myself, and then for my thousands of clients around the world as I built my own successful soul led business.

It wasn’t all easy by any means, but it was so worth it. 

And if you too find yourself dreaming of shifting from getting by to getting paid, there’s three core pieces I’ve found can make all the difference in moving you confidently forward, now.

>> Do what it takes, until it takes.

Once you make the decision that you’re ready to fulfill your purpose and create your own soul led business, it’s highly unlikely that millions of dollars will immediately fall from the sky. 

Which is why I always remind my clients that there’s nothing wrong with getting a side job to fund your vision and create your dream life and business when you’re just getting started. It’s ok to be new at something and not put pressure on it to have to be instantly profitable.

After graduating with honors from university I ended up dropping everything I was supposed to be doing at that point and picking up side jobs waiting tables, cleaning houses, and driving around to people’s homes doing personal training and yoga sessions to fund my new coaching business.

I’ll be honest, there were times I felt like a failure as all my friends went on to become doctors, lawyers and more traditional paths of success while I was scrubbing someone’s toilet.

But looking back, I would do it all over again exactly the same except I would have been kinder with myself, stopped questioning it all so much, and put more gusto into the side work knowing it was a means to an end.

I still remember answering phones in an office with no windows as a receptionist and how deeply I knew that wasn’t my soul work. I wanted to quit, I considered quitting, but it was that job that paid for setting up my business and hiring my first business and mindset coach so I could learn the skills I needed to succeed.

And it was that job I was working at when I sold my first $5,000 coaching package, put in my final notice at a job ever and officially worked for myself forevermore.

Do what it takes, until it takes. I promise it’s worth it.

Image: Jessica Caver Lindholm

>> Set yourself up for success with a daily priming practice.

Once you go out on your own and are officially working full time in your soul led business it’s going to be so exciting and also terrifying. Suddenly, it is on you to create the life you’ve been dreaming about and no one is going to swoop in and save you.

On top of that, you’re immediately going to have more freedom than you probably have had in your entire life to design your day and do exactly what you want. But, without some sort of schedule or routine it can become pretty easy for the days to just start slipping by without feeling like you’re making progress.

This is where a daily priming practice can be so powerful to get you in the right head space so you can take aligned action towards your dreams every day and set your business up to be profitable ASAP.

For my daily priming practice I love to spend time each morning getting into the mindset of being my next level self and one of my favorite practices for getting into this space is what I call Writing My Reality.

Each morning I think about all the things I desire to manifest in my life from specific results in my business, sales in my programs, even adjustments I’d like to make to my body like more definition in my arms or abs, nothing is off limits. I go through it all, I sit down and write it all out in my journal as if it’s already done.

I get myself into the emotion, feelings, and energies of all of my desires being done already and I feel what it feels like to be that version of myself, now.

It’s that feeling of all of it already being complete that’s most important here.

From this up leveled mindset and energy, I then make decisions and take action in my business and my life every day. This prevents me from jumping right into my day and just putting out whatever fire might have come up over night which will just keep you in a constant state of hustle, being busy and never feeling like you’re moving forward.

I can guarantee that the way to the successful and profitable business you desire does not come from getting up every day and doing whatever task presents itself. It comes from acting like a leader, a CEO, and ultimately, successful right now.

By Writing Your Reality each morning you shift into the mindset and energy of someone who is already successful and take action from this space with confidence even if the results haven’t shown up yet.

And taking action in this powerful way compounds in ways you can’t even begin to imagine.

Which takes us to the final piece to focus on when shifting from getting by to getting paid doing your soul work.

>> Get 2% better every day.

Lastly, there’s a tool I love to use during those times when I’m wanting results to come more quickly but they haven’t showed up yet — the 2% rule.

The 2% rule will help you stay focused if you don’t instantly see the results you desire and have the tendency to slip into second guessing yourself and wondering if your big dreams can really even come true in the first place or if you’ve just been fooling yourself. 

The way I think about this rule is if I just focus on getting 2% better every day in the areas that are important to me, then I will see results.

Focusing on just 2% takes the pressure off yourself to totally transform in a single day, but it also compounds daily to create results that look downright magical.

Think about how much more relaxed you would feel getting up every day if your focus was just to get 2% better and everything else above and beyond that is just extra, but not required.

I have created a life filled with freedom where I get to work for myself, on my schedule, from anywhere in the world and make however much money I desire by positively helping others, but this didn’t happen overnight. 

It happened by getting 2% better in my life and business every day for almost a decade.

Now, that doesn’t mean it has to take forever to start making money in your business or hitting your goals. Back in 2014, I went from earning just a couple hundred dollars in my business one month to $10,000 the next month by focusing on getting at least 2% better every single day.

Because daily growth, daily momentum and daily results (no matter how small) build to big shifts quicker than you can imagine.

Implement these three steps and your mind will be expanded with what you’re capable of and the results you can start creating in your life.

And now I want to hear from you, which one of these three tools feels like it’s going to be most impactful for you?

Tell me in the comments and commit to adding it into your life starting today.

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To Living Free!