Today, I can sit at the dinner table after a day of work with my husband and talk to our children about how their day was at school. I can hug them and put them to bed knowing that the roof over their heads is stable, healthy and not going anywhere. I can go to their events at school and not be embarrassed about being so young and not having much. When there is something that happens I am not alone anymore and the toxic people that were in my life are gone. Today, I have people who root for me and push me to be better.

Today, I am living the life that I used to only dream about. My two babies and I at 16 had it rough. We moved around a-lot and I worked dead end jobs just trying to make anything I could. The people in my life held me back. Trauma changed me. I stayed in survival mode and life was passing me by. I watched everyone else living and thought “why can’t I have that”. Today I do and I can tell you that hard work does indeed pay off. It is real.

When you stop looking at the world around you as if you are outside looking in and begin to live everyday as a new adventure, your own adventure, it becomes a-lot more enjoyable. Stop obsessing over what everyone else has and start working towards what you want. Easier said than done I know, but today I can honestly say that when I look back at everything that I have been through there was a reason and a purpose. Everything is a lesson.

I can still remember the day when I thought to myself “I remember being so down and out wishing to be right where I am”. That moment when your goals become an actual reality is such an amazing feeling and it isn’t unreachable for anyone. Not even you!


I Always Find A Way