Insomnia or sleeplessness is haunting 50% of the world population and I was one among them, but not anymore, thanks to SleepBliss! Anyone suffering from insomnia knows that terrible feeling of waking up in the morning feeling completely drained and exhausted. I have been an insomniac for 4 years and each night after hitting bed was a new struggle. Waking up several times during the night, tossing and turning around, over thinking, feeling hungry due to an active mind and finally getting some poor quality sleep because the brain eventually gave up. Sleep is that one activity that we all long for, even for me, hoping that I would get some rest but it was in vain. During the day, my performance was low, my thinking ability was hampered and I was having difficulty to tap into my memory. I used to have trouble remembering things that I did the day before or even during the same day. I am sharing this because maybe you are going through the same or knows someone going through the same experience. But this is now the past for me. I have successfully overcome insomnia and is now able to sleep deeply and blissfully due to SleepBliss.

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Quoting from SleepBliss’ website:

SleepBliss is a world premier deep sleep technology. It is a 100% non-invasive sleep aid crystal ball which is designed to help individuals get a Deep Sleep in the most natural way possible. Research on brainwave frequencies by scientists has shown that Delta Wave Frequency of 3.4Hz helps Deep Sleep. Using our proprietary Frequency Embedding Technology, we have impregnated the 3.4Hz deep sleep frequency in a crystal ball which acts as a medium to store and emit the Delta Wave Frequency, just like a magnet stores and emits its magnetism. Crystal has been known for its great memory retention power. The deep sleep frequency will be stable in the crystal ball for a few years. No side effects are experienced as this is totally non-invasive and the 3.4Hz frequency is a natural brainwave frequency not an electromagnetic radiation frequency with side effects. Everything is so simple with SleepBliss. Simply keep it below your pillow or in your pillowcase permanently and start enjoying a deep sleep. I have had the privilege to try SleepBliss before its official launch which is due on March 30th 2018 and share my experience with you.

More deep sleep data tracked via Emfit QS

Having used SleepBliss for some time, I have successfully bid farewell to insomnia and I am now enjoying enough deep sleep. I am now waking up with a smile on my face 🙂 I wake up feeling energetic and rejuvenated. The number of hours we sleep is not the solution, especially for an insomniac who is barely able to sleep. It’s how deep we sleep that matters. Deep sleep is the solution. It is the restorative stage of sleep whereby the body rejuvenates itself, rebuilds bones and muscles, repairs body cells, recharges energy store, strengthen the immune system, improves memory and creativity, alleviates stress and depression, maintains healthy heart and brain and promotes good mood. With the help of my Emfit QS, I am able to track my deep sleep. I am having consistent amount of deep sleep both for short and long durations of sleep ranging from 22% to 28% and in some cases upto 36%. Insomnia and deep sleep are two extremes and SleepBliss delivered on its promise of inducing deep sleep to me in the most natural way.

The importance of sleep is no more a mystery. All scientific and clinical studies are pointing to one thing – sleep is the secret of performing to your highest level. I am ever grateful to SleepBliss for giving me renewed strength through deep sleep for peak performance. Since it has no side-effects, it can be easily used to any individual suffering from insomnia and by anyone in general as it helps you get a natural deep sleep. Say goodbye to insomnia and hello to deep sleep!