Dear Baby boomers Managers,

Meet your current employees… and the ones to come: Millennials.

People seem not to appreciate us for who we are because we don’t quite function the same way as previous generations.

Different is great. It propels forward, it unleashes creativity and forces to re evaluate the actual standards we assume to be optimal with constructive debates that further increase efficiency.

We appreciate the fact that you have grown some corporations the way they are today. However, here is our point of view on how society categorizes us.

“Millenials are killing department stores” — Fortune, Feb 2017–04–27

Millennials are not killing department stores but reinventing the rules of the game. Myopic inertia is killing department stores. That’s not quite the same. New players are joining and to win you need to review your strategy, analyse the new competition and make sure you get the right move. But don’t worry, we have grown up with these people and want to help you make sure our team wins. Have faith on us!

“Former CIA Director Michael Hayden Blames Millennials for Government Leaks” — BBC, Mar 2017

Former CIA director should thank millennials for showing him the bottleneck of his system because it leads to improvement. Be sure that if we found a leak we are able to find more. What you don’t understand is that fixing leaks is our priority. Finding them is just part of the process. Let us use our tools.

“Millennials are the worst workers in the history of the world” — Forbes, Apr 2016

Please no. Don’t go that deep. The fact that we change job every three years on average and our constant desire to challenge processes and aim for lean management is not that bad, I swear. We have grown up with so many opportunities to stand up and build from scratch that failures don’t scare us. We are more competitive than you, baby boomers, that’s why we seize the opportunities to change job if we can be more competent somewhere else. Let us innovate and give us a chance to prove that we can become the best generation.

The aim of these few words is not to start a fight but to stop these stereotypes before they become barriers to progress.

Let’s cooperate to keep creating value.

Looking forward to work together soon.

Best regards,

The Millennials

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