In reflecting on my life, I realize that what I experienced as a young woman growing up in abject poverty in Spanish Town, Jamaica that I had a story to tell. What intrigued me to create this story was my belief that sharing my evolution with others, particularly young women, was the purpose of a book I wanted to develop. 

Being an advocate of health awareness and now the founder of Sweet P Home Care, I wound up at the Hypocrites Health Institute in West Palm Beach, FL. I met with Viktoras Kulvinskus there who is an extraordinary healer, and advocate of healthy living. He’s also an amazing yogi. I told him that I was hoping to develop my life story into a book, and he suggested that I contact Peter Miller, a renowned literary manager, who he had met with recently. Writing and the publishing industry weren’t part of my daily diet, but my passion for telling my story, and dreaming that it would be a book someday, inspired me to contact Mr. Miller. 

I learned that Peter has been in the publishing business for decades and has represented NYT bestsellers, some of which were globally marketed, and has also been responsible for many movie and television projects. I thought he was somebody that could be of service to accomplishing my purpose. 

Back then, Peter traveled more frequently to NYC. We met to figure out a way to move forward, wherein I developed a manuscript which I’m grateful is now in a final, polished form that’s ready for publication. Even more coincidental was that Peter was friendly with a Jamaican woman and planned on visiting Jamaica almost two years ago soon after we agreed to work together. 

Since I frequent Jamaica, I agreed to meet him in my home country and wanted to show him a glimpse of my own upbringing. My home of Spanish Town is not necessarily the safest place in Jamaica to visit. I organized an armored car and agreed to take Peter there so he would understand my roots and how I became the woman that I am today. I’ll never forget when I stood in front of the shack where I lived. Underneath the mango trees, I cried.

I’m in the throes of establishing a brand in hopes to inspire young women around the world. I’m fortunate to have reached success in my healthcare business and have been focused on maintaining strict guidelines with all my employees to ensure that the patients they serve are safe, especially through these challenging times. 

I’m grateful to Peter Miller for helping guide me through this process and encouraging me to do what I have done throughout my life, persist. I look forward to sharing my published book I, Perist with you this upcoming Spring 2021.