In his life a sales engineer employee, in the free time a traveller and a professional photographer.

Hello Davide. Who are you? Describe a little what you do in real life.

Hello! I am Davide Anzimanni, I am 25 years old, and I live in Udine. Five years ago, I started working as a sales engineer at a firm in Udine, but the passion for photography starts eight years ago when I was still at school. Inexperienced and clumsy, I started studying photography techniques as a self-learner, improving my style and my vision of the world from behind the lens month by month. during the next years, this passion of mine gave me the opportunity to work in different facilities such as the Kursaal at Lignano, where I worked for a few summers, and I have been a photographer of Maturità celebrations for 3 consecutive years.

From where does the success on Instagram born?

I started posting my pictures in 2018, a little bit randomly just like everyone did then. With the bare difference that I posted pictures of places, I went to, not photos of parties I had with my friends. A particular photo of mine, that captures Lake of Bries, went viral in a little time and was shared by many pages with millions of followers. At that point, I understood the potential that this social detains and I decided to exploit it at my best.

Instagram is a mutable mean, it changes its algorithm very often, and making content go viral, now in 2021, is not easy nor simple. But having studied the social, its peculiarities, and its opportunities, I understood how to use it at its best in order to create quality content for my trips.

From 2018 to now I’ve been able to gain 128k followers, a community that always follows me in my trips, supporting me with passion, giving me suggestions and constructive criticism, without which I wouldn’t be

So, do you go somewhere every weekend? Do you usually travel on your own? Do you post only one photo/video per trip?

Not every weekend, I try more than anything else to take longer trips of one or two weeks, because I have collaborations going on with different brands and hotels from all around the world. So, it is usually required to travel for many days. Always according to my main job.

What distinguishes me from a photographer is this indeed, creating content for hotels, resorts, and brands in each and every angle on this earth. I worked with Luxury Hotel at Bali, in Cappadocia, in Norway, in Lapland, and in Italy; I collaborated then with clothing brands such as Suspicious, or with Instagram profiles with millions of followers such as Beautiful Destinations. This is what makes me a content creator, that is a creator of photo and video content for different realities.

I never travel by myself, at first, I travelled with friends, but from a year and a half ago I started travelling with my girlfriend Rebecca, graduated and passionate about photography. As time passed by, besides being my girlfriend, she also became a colleague of mine. Usually, we try to take collaborations together, and together we create photo and video content, putting in it all of our skills and creativity to create not only content but quality content.

Does the destination you choose depend on the idea of creating content there, or does it come from your will to visit a said destination?

The destination I choose comes first from my will to visit that place. I have to admit though that at first I was attracted to the most famous and viral places that I saw on Instagram, and, driven by wanting to create photos like the best photographers and content creators that I follow, I went to the same place, trying to create similar photos- Growing up and becoming more mature, I found my style and I developed my creativity, and now, when I travel, first of all, I desire to discover the grounds I visit so that then I can capture its essence through my camera.

I imagine that before departing you already have an idea of which kind of photos and videos you want to take once arrived at the destination. Is it true? Can you tell me your trips are born?

The trips I make are born from a desire, which is discovering new grounds. Once a destination is chosen, I try to see if it is possible to collaborate with some hotels, which usually welcome content creators pretty well and are glad to work with us. This gives me major opportunities to spend my days in structures that are unique and particular.

I usually depart with a few ideas in mind, but only when I arrive my creativity takes place. There are many factors that have an influence on how the content is realized, and even though I depart with an idea, it’s likely that the necessary factors to realize it are not going to be present, so I have to change ideas in the nick of time. It is not a problem to me though, I actually find it quite stimulating, also due to the fact that the photos seen on Instagram are retouched a lot, the places I go to look very different, and I have to adapt myself to the real place and not the one I’ve seen on the socials.

Judging by your image, it does not seem that you don’t have an eye for photography. You appear to be a full-fledged professional photographer from the compositions you realize. Is yours just intuition or there is a lot of studying behind?

There is always a lot of studying behind me, I never take pictures without first studying the light, the colours, and the composition. As a matter of fact, I never take pictures during the day, but I create my content either at sunset or sunrise. This means waking up at two or three in the morning or leaving at midnight to get to the destination by 4 to take a picture with the perfect lighting.

In Bali for example, during the 14 days I was there I took 11 pictures at sunrise, meaning that I had to wake up very early in the morning, or even not sleeping at all just to climb up a volcano at night and arriving at the top at sunrise.

Which are your tools? Do you have permission to use the drone?

I use a mirrorless Canon EOS R6 Camera, with lenses such as Canon 16–35mm 2.8 and Canon 70–200mm 2.8.

Yes, I have permission to use the drone, and I use a static Dji Mavic 2 Pro drone and an Fpv drone, which is a racing drone used for more dynamic recordings.

Has anyone ever complained about your photos?

No, never.

What are your biggest accomplishments?

During my journey I really had many, my work ended up in big profiles, and I have been asked to collaborate with many different realities. This passion became a real job, in fact, I have just registered for VAT, still retaining my job as an employee. This is with no doubt a very big accomplishment that I never thought I could realize. But the most important is surely being of inspiration to others.

When I travel, I get compliments by many people and I get also asked a lot of questions too. I get asked where I have been and how I got there. This is really gratifying to me, seeing then that people go to certain places thanks to the pictures I have posted of said place is also important to me. Never would I have ever thought of inspiring others, therefore it is my biggest accomplishment.