Joanna Vaiou about life changes and career advancement

It was a snowy day in March 2009 in New Work. My childhood’s dream city. And my first ever city abroad, that I visited in my 28 years of being alive. Better late than never.

With a bachelor degree in Financial Studies and few years of moving from one employee job to another, I reached an intimate point in my life.

I never saw myself staying anywhere, in any job more than 3 months. This caused stress to my family and me as I found no meaning in anything that I was supposed to do or others told me it was the right thing to do.

In my first leap of faith, when I first solo traveled in NY, I felt my legs trembling from joy and enthusiasm, plus awe. What an amazing feeling that was.

The feeling of freedom. To be alone with myself, in a majestic city, the city that never sleeps. The city of my dreams, so far away from home, my comfort zone.

New York, USA. March 2009

It was then when I realized that life is beautiful. And there is nothing scary in being alone with yourself in an unknown territory. As long as you have you by your side and be able to count on yourself.

I knew it was time to initiate change and start from within.

It was time to STOP expecting from other people to love me, to help me, to see me, to appreciate me, to respect me.

It was time to take full responsibility for my life.

Being 28 years young and not feeling happy about anything I had involved myself in, until that moment, was really hard to digest.

Nevertheless, I realized that I had the power to change things for myself. By taking leaps and making decisions.

Investing in Personal Development and Search Engine Optimization Online Trainings.

The following 4 years, I invested in: a) personality (and personal) development trainings, b) learning how to build websites on WordPress platform and c) how to rank them organically in Google.

Did I have any previous experience? No.

I did not have a gmail account back then.

Was it easy? No.

But I insisted.

I was very motivated to achieve the life of my dreams.

No matter how many years it would take me.

I woule give up on meaningless interactions, superficial conversations and partying like there is no tomorrow.

I dreamed of the following:

a) being free from 9am-5pm obligations

b) having my own business which I could run online

c) work from anywhere so I can travel whenever I want.

Traveling inspires me and makes me feel this amazing feeling of freedom and power like no other experience has offered me so far.

Four years after my first decision to change through educating myself in both personal and professional development areas, I managed to start my own online business as a Search Engine Optimization Expert.

From then until today, I live and work by my own terms. Nothing feels better than the freedom I have in my life to choose every aspect.

While I have all the responsibility on my shoulders about my growth, I ‘ve never felt happier and more fulfilled in my life than I feel now.

I like being responsible, anything else would make me cringe.

I love me and I support me.

Along my way, when I meet other people who also love me and support me, I consider it a bonus.

The cherry on my already delicious cake that I have made for myself.

As I am preparing for my next trip to London for two weeks for work and pleasure and after interviewing Elio D’Anna, the Author of my favorite personal development masterpiece, “School for Gods”, I have few last messages to share:

Life is an amazing gift, make the ride of your life unforgetable.

You may dream of change and growth but unless you delve into the darkest and most painful inner places of your heart and soul, you’ll never experience the majic of being alive.

It feels amazing to lead your own life and become a source of inspiration and resource for other people, only by being who you are and living like you do.

To your Growth, Happiness and Peace!