The secret formula to life can be found in the most simple and natural things. This is our new attitude to life that we still need to learn to acquire. Life is all around us and only humans can discover its beauty and richness. I have no doubt that we will acquire this skill. It’s only a matter of investing the time, and acquiring the knowledge to get us on the right track.  So let’s get started …

The ability to love and bestow good to others has nothing to do with money or matter at all. We don’t need to be billionaires in order to do that. We need to learn how to transcend our narrow self-love, and become a channel through which the divine abundance can flow into the world and fill everyone perfectly. 

Ofer Nakash

Within the general system of nature there is our system of laws, made up of four levels: the earth, the plant world and the animal kingdom. These first three levels operate in a natural and instinctive way, which we also call the law of evolution. The fourth is called the speaking, human level. The law of development also applies to us, and operates on us naturally. However, humans have two points, one at the level of existence/living, and the other at the qualitative level: the human spirit and soul. It really does not matter what we call it, everyone will ultimately choose what suits them. 

The main thing is for us to feel this division between our basic desires for food, sex and family at the animate level, which includes human desires for money, honor and enlightenment. And at the speaking level of the system, realizing the emotional, intellectual and creative potential in each individual as part of the general system. This is where we exercise our free choice and take an active part in determining our destiny.

Another thing that is important to note here, is that any improvement or worsening of the situation depends on the person, i.e. when we build good connections between us then nature is friendly, when we build bad relationships nature applies pressure. Therefore, we must first approach the human relationship. And despite what we see at the moment, a very simple law of existence has been prepared for us, provided we know and implement it. The law is called love your neighbor as yourself (also known as the Golden Rule). Some believe that until you learn to love yourself, to accept yourself, you will never be able to love others. Is there any truth to that?

First, we will define human nature. It is written: “… the heart of man is evil from his youth” (Genesis 21:21).

From birth, we have a selfish attitude towards life; caring mainly for ourselves, and loving ourselves first, even when it comes at the expense of others. We live and develop with this selfish tendency. Yet most people are not always aware of that self-love, which is the driving force behind everything we do. Everyone has their own flute, but there is a great difference in the sound that comes out when someone knows how to read notes, compared to someone who doesn’t. This is actually what we see all around us today, how the world is caught up in a general state of embarrassment and confusion. But not to worry, once we become awakened together both embarrassment and confusion will serve us as forces for our development going forward. All that is still ahead of us. In the meantime, the first thing we need to do is feel the control of the ego, and how it is in fact the only conflicting factor that exists between us in the whole world.

Sages wrote to us thousands of years ago about things that are relevant to our time. They told us to ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’, and how this is the great rule for success in life. What were they talking about? I also want to attain what they discovered and attained on their own. 

So in order to begin to recognize who I am, meaning recognize the forces at work in me, and understand how to progress to significant accomplishments, I must disengage from self-preoccupation and try to get out of myself when it comes to my attitude toward others. I must try to care for others, and express love. Only from such efforts toward others can I understand what is going on within me, and grow into a new life. Once I shift my perspective from the inside outward, I actually gain a tool through which I begin to “acquire” what is around me. Yet only to the extent that I venture outward. One can do this in the family, with friends, in your community, city, country, and there are even those who do it with the whole world. Everyone will acquire emotional and mental abilities and opportunities depending on their outward-focused attitude. And this is called an addition to the private and limited point that exists in every person. This is what it means to add genuine volume and real tools for dealing with our perception of reality.

What is love?

Love means feeling the desires of others, and putting myself at their service. Love is measured by concern. Just as naturally everyone is always concerned about their own peace and happiness, and looking for what else they can fulfill themselves with; we must learn to treat others the same way. 

Why is it important?

If we look around us, we can hardly find people who feel they are realizing themselves correctly, no matter what their exact situation is. Even the richest, most successful, and most famous, do not really have peace and quiet. They are surrounded by people who pressure them, want to take them down, take something from them, and so on. In fact, the higher a person’s status in society, the more stressed and limited he or she feels.

At the end of the day, there is only one formula for getting a taste of heaven on earth: to love your neighbor as yourself. This is the only way to become unlimited. Why?

Because along with the development of a second nature of love for others, a person starts feeling what others lack, and immediately also receives the ability to fulfill them. He then begins to go through filling others through himself, and his enjoyment of life becomes unlimited. He no longer depends on what he wants and achieves for himself, all sorts of pleasures from which the feeling of pleasure at some point necessarily dissipates, but begins to experience pleasure and spiritual fulfillment. Infinite. Unlimited.

The pleasure of loving others and giving, brings man to be equal with the general force that operates in nature, the supreme power. It is the equality of his attributes that gives the person who acquires a second nature the best feeling that can be achieved in life, a feeling of a more advanced reality. A spiritual, complete, and eternal reality.

We will become like a loving mother who has many children, enjoying the fact that she has the ability to make everyone happy. The ability to love and bestow good to others has nothing to do with money or matter at all. We don’t need to be billionaires in order to do that. We need to learn how to transcend our narrow self-love, and become a channel through which the divine abundance can flow into the world and fill everyone perfectly. 


“All our work is to discover our love within us, each and every day.”

“When a man gains the desire to bestow, he is then capable of receiving supreme abundance.”

“Evil, in general, is nothing more than self-love, called “egoism,” since it is opposite in form from the Creator, who hasn’t any will to receive for Himself, but only to bestow.”

“Pleasure is only the equivalence of form with its Maker. And when we equalize in every conduct with our root, we sense delight.”

Baal HaSulam

“Everything depends on love.”

The Zohar

“Happiness can only be found through loving others.”

Michael Laitman


  • Ofer Nakash

    Speaker & Workshop Facilitator of Integral Method

    A lecturer and facilitator of the integral method for optimal human integration. Main topics include understanding the meaning of life, interpretation of the Zohar, becoming more familiar with our true human nature and the human ego, expanding our emotional intelligence, tapping into our collective consciousness, and the integral education method. All of the above is based on 20 years of experience in the study and practice of the wisdom of Kabbalah.