Romy Johnson will share with us, few tips about how you can turn from small Entrepreneur, to  Successful Business Man

Start with a Naïve Product

To gather success, you should begin with a simple understanding product that conveys your goal and message to the audience vividly. The first product you introduce should ensure your strength and the uniqueness of your ideas. A first successful version is never the final one and one cannot introduce a product that is perfect in all aspects but by introducing a simple product future improvement become easier and understandable. So, it is advised to choose “progress over perfection”.

Marketing Plan

Once a product is selected for your EdTech Firm the next step is to have an effective marketing plan to achieve a critical volume in the competitive market. The benefit of having a clear precise marketing plan will work in the long term as people do not forget a product that made into their minds. A clear marketing plan will also help you allocate a specific budget so that you do not have to worry about cost in future.

Form A “Profitable” Rather Than “Fundable” Business Entity

Start with the goal of building an enterprise that is profitable in the long run rather than thinking of getting a huge amount of funds. This will make your firm look more concerned about performing to aid your customers rather than looking selfish. So do not indulge in the competition of “who rose how much?”.

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