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Life can hit you with the most unexpected – and sometimes, with devastations that you’ll never be prepared for. Years ago, that’s exactly how I felt. I went through a traumatic loss, I was only 18 years old when my significant other at that time was murdered. This threw everything I knew upside down, I was in mourning, furious, and most of all – absolutely lost, like my future was gone in an instant. 

I knew deep down that I wanted more for myself but even thinking about a future without him hurt. I was angry because I knew deep down that the case was not solved and the right person was not serving time for what he had done. Regardless, I fell into a masked depression binge-eating and TV-numbing. All this caused rapid weight gain of over 80 pounds which I lived with for a couple of years. A while later I got back in the swing of things and while inside I was numb I continued on with my corporate marketing career. 

One day it really hit me, the “you’re meant for more” tiny voice and I set out on a physical, emotional, and mental healing journey. I shed the weight, moved to another company with a better title and salary in order to deepen some relationships and start fresh. 

It was over five years later that I started The Social Bungalow. During those five years I climbed the corporate ladder until one day that tiny voice came right back, and now we’re here! But to say the least, it wasn’t easy, and it takes a lot of internal motivation as well as self-awareness.

So how can you build your business with a purpose while dealing with your current life situation?

Here are my five tips that helped me get where I am today.

Shannon Lutz - The Social Bungalow

First, write out your future vision.

When nothing seems to be working, instead of going through the motions day in and day out, take some time to truly realize where you want to be.

Second, align your values.

Only you truly know how you feel inside and what you need to get to that next step. You can’t lie to yourself and say you’re alright, the truth usually is that you aren’t. Figure out how to make what you’re doing on the outside feels right on the inside.

Third, define your mission.

Write it down and reference it daily. Consider if what you’re doing is helping you achieve that future you’re building towards.

Fourth, set timeline goals.

For me, I knew the weight gain came from depression and unhealthy care for my body so I set goals. For example, less bundt cakes and more broccoli. Doable right?

Fifth, give yourself permission to make mistakes.

This journey isn’t perfect, nothing ever is, but if you allow yourself to drop the ball from time to time, you will get further.

It’s up to us how we move forward with our lives and build out of the toughest moments. There are still times that I look back at everything that happened and even wonder how I am so blessed to be where I am today but I know my willpower, support team, and determination are what have made the Bungalow go turn from a dream to a reality.

This is a guest article written by online Marketing Coach, Shannon Lutz of The Social Bungalow. You can connect and follow Shannon on Instagram or join her free Facebook group for more free resources for your online business and lifestyle inspiration.