After having multiple near-death experiences before the age of 25, I always felt a different part of our reality than the average person. I was connected to deep divine energy after going to the other side and coming back. I truly forgot about these experiences until one of my best friends passed away suddenly. It was like being kicked in the chest by spirit and all of the learnings I was suppressing from the other side were launched into the forefront of life. 

After this shocking experience, I began to suffer deep grief which twisted into anxiety and hypochondriac tendencies. I was thrown into a serious health challenge and my life was turned upside down. So I started to meditate again and go deep within. What found was an entire universe of consciousness more infinite than the cosmos and this made me really question my reality.

During a deep meditation practice late one night, I asked out loud “Spirit, please open my third eye and allow me to see the universe as you do”. In an instant, I was slammed out of my body and found myself floating above the Earth. I now know what the astronauts are talking about. The view the Earth as one biosphere changes everything. I was terrified and thought I was dead again. What was unusual is that I was drawn toward the sun and I kept swimming closer to our star. I went into the center of our sun, which led me to the light trails of our galaxy. I followed these light trails from star to star eventually landing at the center of our Milky Way. At the black hole. I was drawn to the center of our black hole and I went in. Surprisingly like a fractal, this led to more light trails that connect blackholes to blackholes.

I finally found myself at the center of the universe and everything started to zoom out until I noticed at the grander view. That the light trails were neural connections of the universe and I could see flashes of light traveling from one aspect of the universe to the other. Divine energy washed over me and I received the answer I was looking for. The universe is alive with sacred geometry and pure consciousness. With my answer, I was hurled back into my body and my brain felt like it was going to explode. I stroked out and feel asleep. 

When I came back to in the morning, my health problems were much worse. I could see sacred geometry in real life, fractals, and energy all around me. After six months of acupuncture, soul retrievals, and deep transformational work I healed myself. I can now control all of my weird abilities like my intuition, feeling energy, sensing people’s emotions, dreamwork, and feeling the future. I came back from my astral travels with gifts and messages for humanity. Often times, when I am getting into a flow state writing. It is as if divine energy is typing for me and the messages I receive are so beautiful and profound I know they didn’t come from me.

Now, you don’t have to belive me or believe in the other side. But when I work with clients I make sure to meditate before I engage with them. So I can be in a space where I am open to their energies and I can see a future where they are their highest potential. I can only explain it as I can feel their future and I often cry with joy because I see their dreams coming true. The universe works in amazing ways when we clear away our emotional traumas and truly love ourselves. I am still learning every day from my divine energy.

Can you see your dreams coming true? Can you see your highest potential? What would you be doing if you had no notion of time and money? Are you doing it today?

For me, I experience my dream every day now. I am writing, I am helping others and I am experiencing joy. 

Sending divine energy and love,