Culture informs a group’s rules for determining what constitutes the ‘right way’ of exercising authority and making decisions, and what constitutes the ‘wrong way’.

In indigenous tribes if you think about it, are very effective societal structures, as evidenced by man’s ascension to the top of the food chain.

Understanding how the tribal organizational structure is vital to gaining an appreciation of the various roles of your “Key Players” business works in a similar manner, like ancient tribes a small number of people who band together to battle a cruel and hostile world. Like the tribe, business survival is precarious and never guaranteed.

Success requires everyone applying their specialized skills in unison toward the tribes common good.

The Chief and the MD

They channel the tribe to work together, they shepherd the team toward its strategic goals, deliberately focused and connected, needing to be a very good communicator, speaking clearly and give support, driven to maintain cohesion within the tribe, but prone to being railroaded, working tirelessly to define the box.

Every tribe needs a Chief, just like every business needs an MD. The Chief defines and communicates the tribe’s strategic direction, such as new pastures to track, or a mountain retreat to escape the heat of summer.

The Chief listens to the opinions of the other tribal members, makes decisions that impact everyone and ensures an adequate level of acceptance of such decisions to facilitate their ultimate success, it is implicit to understand the importance of integrating these systems, for part of leadership in our modern world is to help people find meaning in their work and organizations.

The embarrassing spectacle of leadership failures over the last few years, has left many people wondering what’s missing from our leadership skills?

Did these leaders intentionally set out to do harm?

Or were they just “accidental sorcerers?

How do we train our leaders to prevent accidental wounding of the corporate and employee soul that result in lost profit, lost market share and ultimately corporate death?

With Compassion!

Why Compassion in Business Makes Sense!

When you list leadership characteristics, compassion is probably not first on the list, or even on the list, but perhaps it should be.

Given the importance of compassion in our world today, with a growing amounts of evidence about the benefits of compassion for health, well-being and engagement in the workplace, businesses owners and leaders “the smart money” who work with this mind-set, the results are tangible and include improved employee engagement, increased productivity and increased profitability.

Re-engaging employees with compassion turns the tide of business fortunes, with employees feeling happy and motivated and positively contributing to the success of the business. Staff are happier and feel better, there are significant improvements of the operational performance, productivity and the growth of the company.

The world has woken to new possibilities, and now is the time to change the way we live and do business…

A reason compassion boosts our well-being is that it can help broaden our perspective beyond ourselves. Research shows that depression and anxiety are linked to a state of self-focus, and a big dose of “me, myself, and I.”

When you do something for someone else, that mind-set of self-focus shifts to a state of other-focus, before you know it, you may even have felt better and gained some perspective on your own situation as well.

Cultivating Compassion in the Workplace.

Compassion appears to be an evolved natural survival instinct; it sometimes helps to receive some training to cultivate. Cultivating compassion does not require years of study and can be achieved quite rapidly.

“Best Places to Work” have been studied; these companies averaged 4X as much profit as 500 companies not on the list. When you look deeper into the success of these companies, the results are clear, they operate in a compassionate manner, in which they treated their employees. These companies bounce back more quickly from economic meltdown……..This is not a coincidence.

Each and every one of us turns up for work every day, and all responsible from the cleaner, to the board-room, its whether you choose to show up with compassion, and awake, or in a dream and disconnected. .

Right now, many businesses are resting in a mind-set that isn’t healthy or sustainable for everyone involved.

We see businesses operating from abundance and not scarcity…

We see business where, compassion, and responsibility are core to business culture…

We see founders, executives, and employees living inspired, balanced, healthy lives.

Waking up to a business like this, isn’t impossible, in fact it’s why we’re here, it’s what we do.

We see our beliefs, and create our own reality, and we believe there are no limits to the amount of positive change we each can create with you.

For individuals who work with us, they feel the release of the gripping negative feelings and emotions. They experience clarity, purpose and power. And they are able to accomplish so much more with ease and grace, finally achieving their life dreams and enjoying working on what really matters to them.

We I have advised and worked holistically showing that both personal and business problems are inextricably linked and creating solutions that are both wholesome and deliver the desired profits.

A call to action! …. Leaders, Chieftains, Executives, Managers, to join us in changing that current paradigm in the workplace?