Have you ever felt ‘stuck’? As if you’re metaphorically running yet standing still? Not achieving with ease that which you want the most? Failing to gain traction on your goals?

If so, let’s take a look at what’s happening.

It’s not uncommon to feel ‘stuck’ when we’re in a disempowered state and lacking in emotional resourcefulness at a particular moment. This lack of tapping into both our innate and learned capabilities ensures we feel trapped in certain circumstances. And so a vicious cycle is formed.

To justify our fear state we may then put the metaphorical brakes on and go into a ‘whoa’ state of ‘I can’t do this’. ‘I don’t have the skills’. ‘I don’t have the time’. And so on. All of which are self-validating the basic fear of not being enough.

The greatest results in life aren’t always borne from the greatest preparation. Too often we feed the need to execute perfectly, when many times good enough is literally good enough. So why are so many suffering under the illusion of ‘perfection’?

Perhaps it’s comparison paralysis. Or of not measuring up to peers (even without evidence). Of being a ‘fraud’. Of not being congruent to who we really are.

So let’s get to ‘go’. How do we move forward when our beliefs and thoughts are stuck in ‘whoa’?

Firstly – challenge them. Literally look for evidence they’re untrue. And replace them with empowering beliefs and thoughts. Believe them. Embody new empowering states. You will feel it in your core once you’ve shifted your emotional state. And this is the time to take practical action on eradicating fear. The more you practice your resourcefulness, the stronger and more resilient are your new thought pathways.

There are consistencies in human behaviour yet subtle differences in that often exhibited by men and women.

For men, ego (a manifestation of one of the six human needs of ‘significance’) can be a polarising state. They can become over-confident and fail or under-confident and not try. A better positioning is a midway state of confidence – either in doing and succeeding, or not succeeding and remaining calm and centred.

For women it is often the human need for love and connection that’s dominant. And that can create an unjustified fear of not being enough/not being loved – if certain conditions aren’t met. If there is respect and unconditional love of self, even when they’re feeling ‘stuck’, this underpins and nurtures a state of resourcefulness that very deeply serves.

So – acknowledge the fear, reframe it resourcefully, and replace it with an alternate meaning. The greatest teachers and masters of all times practice resilience, inner-strength, mindfulness and congruency.

By actively practicing those same skills to develop and grow, and cease the ‘whoa’, the best we’re served to go to ‘go’.