Stephen Shaw is a Spiritual Teacher, Mystic, Energy Healer, Shaman, Body-Mind-Spirit and Transcendent Life Coach, and Tantra Master. His 12 mystical books offer teachings and guidance to raise individual consciousness, increase fulfillment, peace, and joy, and stimulate spiritual awakening. Stephen’s passion is to share the highest spiritual teachings, sprinkle divine energy magic, elicit ecstatic emotional-mystical states, catalyze radical personal transformation, and bring all people on this planet to an awesome level of living, loving, and being.

Tell us your name and a little about yourself.
My name is Stephen Shaw (pronounced Steven). I was born in South Africa, a country with eleven passionate tribes, an exquisite natural environment, awesome wildlife, and delicious food. My mother had severe bipolar disorder which created an emotionally unstable environment. I also lost my mother when I was 5 years old. Intrinsic soul qualities (I was born clairvoyant), karma, and early childhood experiences shaped my future and my destiny.

When I was 15 years old, I decided that my mission in life was to find all the secrets and keys for a fulfilling, successful and awesome life, and to understand this mystery of Existence, then share all that sacred knowledge with the world in order to improve the quality of everyone’s life.

My highly pragmatic father, military service (compulsory in S.A), and university education (two degrees majoring in Psychology and Communication) made me a disciplined, practical, critical thinker, which perfectly balanced the spiritual, clairvoyant side of me.

As an adult, I spent a few years in the business world. I was happily married for a while. Eventually I relocated to the United Kingdom (England) and established my own Learning and Development Consultancy and also a psychotherapy practice. I was always learning: post-graduate courses and hundreds of books covering many topics. One day I realized that what I had was not enough. I made some very hard decisions. At 39 years old, I walked away from everything.

For the next ten years I travelled the world and immersed myself in the absolute highest learning possible. I worked with sangomas in Africa, learned from shamans in Peru and Mexico, spent time with lamas in Tibet and the Kingdom Of Bhutan, and was guided at all times by a radical cosmic being called Jay (see the cover of my book Reflections). I also spent years immersed in exhilarating Tantra with a fabulous French teacher. I opened a spiritual tourism business, meeting with worldwide trippers seeking to heal with Peruvian shamans.

I searched in every nook and crevice until I found the keys to success, fulfilment, peace and bliss. Over years, I experienced diverse potent healing technologies, dived deep into consciousness-shifting, surfed incredible sacred multi-dimensions, until I found what I ultimately sought – Who We Really Are, the True Nature of Life, and How To Live in Deep Fulfilment, Love and Peace.

Along the way, I wrote 12 mystical books: 10 novels infused with profound spiritual teachings and 2 awesome life guides.

At what age did you begin to start having these unusual experiences?

I was born clairvoyant. As early as I can remember I could ‘sense-feel’ other people’s energy, emotions, and intentions. This was useful in navigating a challenging, unpredictable mother. I could also see into energy fields and read stored information. Beings of Light would often surround me; I had no terms of reference so I just called them ‘the good guys’.

How did your family react to these experiences?

A bipolar mother and an atheist, dismissive father meant I had no one to discuss these experiences and no guidance. Naturally, I developed into a quieter, introspective child. However, at 11 years old, I found a pamphlet for Transcendental Meditation. I was strongly drawn to this and harassed my father until he finally relented and paid for a teacher. She was a wonderful elderly lady who showed me the principles and gave me my first mantra. I practiced TM every morning and evening. Soon I was spontaneously grieving. I cried for two weeks, greatly worrying my father. Despite his requests, I would not quit meditating. The grieving abated and I started having incredible psychic and spiritual experiences. One morning I was sitting with my eyes closed when a silver dot appeared in the distance; then it rushed toward me and exploded into my forehead (third eye chakra). I began experiencing profoundly deep peaceful states. That precipitated the beginning of my great search for Answers.

What does Spirituality mean to you?

My life has been a long journey. A relentless, exciting, challenging adventure. I am now settled in Los Angeles. My (new) wife is the most loving, wonderful woman I have ever met. She is the final piece of my life-fulfilment puzzle. I am immersed in love, music, affection and deep soul connection. Why am I sharing this? Because my intense, immersive journey taught me that Spirituality is not beliefs, ideology and rituals. It is not blind, unquestioning faith. Spirituality is direct experience of multi-dimensions, beings of Light, and Source or God. Above all things, though, Spirituality is about deep, profound LOVE. Love for yourself, other people and the natural environment. I live and breathe the teachings of my twelfth spiritual book Divine Love, which shows the ideal way to experience profound love and deep romantic fulfilment. Divine Love is a book about authenticity and intimacy; a guide on how to truly live. Divine Love chapter titles include: You Are A Bouquet Of Qualities, Positivity And Gratitude, Curiosity And Open-Mindedness, Mindfulness And Presence, Need Fulfilment, Self-Awareness, Self-Acceptance, Authenticity And Boundaries, Being Vulnerable, Deep Connections, Healthy Relationships, Intimacy, Forgiveness, Loving-Kindness, Generosity, Legacy, Awakening.

As a Spiritualist, what were your biggest obstacles?

I am deeply grateful for a pragmatic, atheist father, and a strong education. This allowed me to navigate the ‘woo woo’ of shamans and spiritual teachers who were lost in ideology and rituals. I demanded experiences, not words and antiquated texts. My clairvoyance enabled to read the truth of every person and situation, and that protected me from charlatans and self-deluded people. As I got older, the initially quiet beings of Light began directly guiding me too. The obstacles and cautions for every spiritual seeker are the same: Search for the greatest teachers. Question every teaching and ritual. Trust your intuition. Listen to your heart. Open your mind to new teachings. Prepare to challenge and stretch yourself. Notice how you feel at each milestone, at each point of progress and development. Ultimately, you should be radically increasing personal fulfillment, joy, and peace. You should be immersing ever deeper into profound, exquisite Love.

You say you have clairvoyance abilities, what does that mean?

I can sense-feel energy, even at a distance. All energy is consciousness, and consciousness is information. I can read information stored in your chakras and energy field. I also have the ability to wield Divine (Source) Energy to upgrade the resonance frequency of each chakra, which manifests as emotional healing and profound life-changes. I get direct messages from your beings of Light (guardian spirits) and my high-dimensional beings of Light to guide you, evolve you, and shift you toward deep fulfilment, love, peace and joy.

Can you see other people’s future?

The future is based on soul destiny, soul evolution, karma, and life choices. The future exists as a probability. The strongest way to create a profound future is to make positive life choices: Live with loyalty, honesty, compassion, kindness, and respect, and immerse deeper into love for yourself and others. The chakra readings and beings of Light do give accurate information about who you are (including past lives and karma), what choices are worth considering, and your highly probable future based on that information.

You gave up everything, including your business and marriage, why?

At 39 years old, I had reached a point of worldly success but was not living my Highest Purpose. At that time, I was happily married to a kind woman. I had a successful business. Life was good in many ways. However, I was frustrated, unfulfilled and restless. I felt like something deep inside me needed to be unlocked. I wanted to know the fullest, deepest experience of living, loving and being. I wanted to follow my highest path and fulfil my soul’s destiny. I left everything to my wife (we had no children), grabbed a backpack, and started with a blank slate. The ultimate, immersive spiritual adventure.

What advice would you give a person about setting and reaching goals?

Everyone who knows me says I have one foot in the heavens and one foot planted firmly on Earth. I experience multi-dimensional consciousness and work with profound beings of Light. I am also highly pragmatic and believe in creating a joyful heaven on Earth. My book, Heart Song is a book that walks you step-by-step and reveals principles, techniques, and practical exercises, so you can discover who you are, the ideal life you wish to live, and how to make it happen. Heart Song is based on spiritual ideals and practical tools to radically upgrade your life.

Rejection is part of success, how do you deal with rejection?

Rejection is painful to the short-sighted ego. However, rejection is a gift from your guardian spirits. When rejection happens, do not take it personally. Give thanks and ponder these questions: Why was this person or job or situation not well suited to me? Am I clear about who I am and what I truly need? How can I improve my attitude? What new skills can I acquire? What different life choices can I make right now? How can I do things differently?

Change can be scary, how do you deal with fear?

Fear is nothing more than an in-built survival mechanism in the brain. It is natural and exists to protect you from possible danger. The brain usually perceives change as a possible danger. If you are crystal clear about who you are, your highest purpose, and your dream life, then you take wise and strategic action despite the fear. My personal mantra has always been: ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway.’ It also helps to enlist the support of a close friend or family member, if that’s available. What’s your take on work/life balance? The final guideline in my book Heart Song is: Do what you love, love what you do, and be with the one who is right for you. For me, it’s not about balance. It’s about living your highest purpose and doing what you love. The ultimate goal is that each day is overflowing with fulfillment, love, peace, and joy. That’s what we all truly seek.