There’s a lot more to it than just saving money – from staying in shape to learning new skills, DIY-ing can change your life in many different ways!

Did you know that taking the do-it-yourself route and making things by hand has more benefits than you could imagine – and they extend way beyond saving you a few bucks?

Here are five reasons to do DIY projects you should know about if you’re looking for some motivation to tackle that next home improvement project yourself!

1. Obviously, You’re Saving Money

The most apparent, talked-about reason to do DIY projects is that they can save you some money – and when it comes to larger projects, like remodeling your home, those numbers could go up to thousands of dollars.

When you choose to do things yourself, you’re eliminating labor costs out of the equation entirely. Your labor is free, which means the only actual expenses you have are those that come with buying the materials!

Plus, if you get good at what you do, there’s even a possibility of earning money through DIY-oriented blogs and YouTube channels! I bet you haven’t thought about that one, now, have you?

2. You Get to Learn Valuable Skills

You can be a complete DIY newbie, but the more projects you take on, the more you understand how stuff works.

The first step is the hardest – and the same’s true for DIY projects, too.

For instance, whether you have no clue about how to fix your plumbing or wondering is one coat of polyurethane enough, once you do your research and start taking care of things around the house yourself, you’ll be able to fix these issues without even thinking about hiring a professional to do it for you.

And that feeling of completing a DIY project yourself will, for sure, be one of the most satisfying things you’ve ever experienced!

3. DIY Projects Keep Your Brain Sharp

Think about what you typically do with your free time:

Grab a quick meal, spend some time watching TV, and then go to bed.

There’s no shame in that – it’s what most people do, anyway – but it’s a sure-fire way to turn that brain of yours into mush.

Visualizing the outcome, planning and organizing every step of the project, taking measurements and calculating everything, and ultimately, learning new skills as you tackle new projects, however, are all excellent ways to exercise your brain.

So, yes, what I’m saying here is that DIY projects have their way of making you smarter!

4. It Can Be a Decent Workout, Too

One of the often overlooked reasons to do DIY projects is that they help you stay physically active, even when you don’t have time for actual exercise – and they could help you shed some unwanted weight, too!

Tearing down walls, ripping out floors, and putting up fences are all physical activities that will undoubtedly result in you working up a sweat!

So, when you take the hands-on approach, you’re not only building something but improving your strength and energy, as well, which, in turn, benefits your heart tremendously and keeps your cardiovascular health in check.

5. You’re in Charge of Everything

Think of DIY-ing as cooking something from scratch – you get to play around with the ingredients, instead of relying on pre-made solutions.

In short, you get to include everything you like, and none of the stuff you don’t! It’s your project, and you’re in charge, which means you can customize it any way you want:

Modifications, colors, upgrades – it’s all up to you and makes the result that much more unique.

Plus, if at some point you decide you’d like to change something because you don’t like where it’s going, or you had a sudden change of mind, you can – without having to consult your contractor about it, which could cost you both time and money.

Ready, Set, DIY!

Now that you know what some of the reasons to do DIY projects are, I’m guessing you’re starting to feel that DIY itch – so, go, find a project you’re excited about, and get started with what could be a life-changing journey!

Have you tackled any DIY projects in the past, and did it benefit you in some way? Drop a comment below to share your experience!


  • Ethan Johnson

    Editor, Mechanical Engineer

    Man Of Family

    Ethan Johnson is the one behind Man Of Family, a site for all DIY people out there. He’s a mechanical engineer by day and a DIY expert by night. Getting a degree in mechanical engineering made perfect sense to him – he’s all about gaining practical knowledge and problem-solving. Somewhere along the way, he found a field to focus on – home improvement. By doing all sorts of DIY projects – from woodworking to plumbing, and everything in between – he gathered a pretty impressive experience in that department over the years.