Being Dyslexic and seeing words back to front, has made reading and writing difficult, being deaf English is not my first language, being visual impaired throws extra challenges. But having all 3 at the same time has brought more challenges than anything. 

I always hated reading and writing growing up, because i didnt know where to start, didnt know if it would come out right, i was scared….. since i started writing a year ago, things have changed, i have turned 1 script into a film, and have written a further 5 scripts for filming. I love writing everyday, its relaxing, its theraputic. 

my project now is to write more scripts, but with the intention that productors are interesting in them and other people can make the films from my writing. my ideas started off so small, factual scripts, to now a whole wide range of them, from drama, horror, comedy, etc etc

i look forward to what the future holds for me and the writing, in the tv and film network, to think a year ago i was too scared to write in case it didnt make sense, after a couple of days on a script it was so easy and i have build my confident in writing scripts and on average i can produce 1 10/15 page long script a day….. I love it, and hope to share my creativity with people.


  • Katie J Redstar

    sign language & communication Coach, Author

    Deaf and visual impaired,  founder of Ignite the Light sign language, communication & sign language coach, Author. A Diff-abled coach. Living life's dreams..... Actions speak louder than words.