It’s your fucking life, do something with it

We are full of excuses, excuses to not to do something! Why? Because we are scared… We are scared what society will think. We are scared of failure.

Find inspiration; fuck everything

“One day I woke up to go to work, stared at the ceiling, look at my girlfriend laying next to me and thought ‘I hate my job, I hate my girlfriend and I hate this house’. That day I quit my fucking job, dumped my fucking girlfriend, and sold my fucking house. I lived in my van and got to work. I got fucking to it. That first year we did over a million dollars in sales. I just fucking did it.” Darren Guccione, CEO of Callpod Inc, reddit

You should be scared, you should be scared that you will fail… Guess what? You will! You will fail badly. There is no success without action, if you don’t take action you will fail. Find inspiration and stick to it, fuck everything else.

Act now

Do you remember the moment when you just made a decision? You read articles like this one, you watched youtube videos, you read a self-help book. You did everything? Isn’t it? The truth is that at the end of the day you just realize that you wasted most of the time. You did everything but acting. If yes, the only thing you can do is to act NOW.

You are awesome!

A few years ago, I was nothing, I was on the bottom. Without any achievements in life, no money, no inspiration, no goals, no clear vision… Long story short, I had nothing. Now, I have everything above. But, now I aim too high and this is just a beginning. I always gotta be fighting something. It keeps me going.

All those years I got a lesson, I discovered who I really am, and who I want to be. I want to be fucking awesome. And you should be too!

One last thing…

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