Photo by Daan Stevens on Unsplash

Years ago I made a radical shift in my life, identity, and what I stood for.

My entire life shifted quickly, and it’s evolved from that day forward.

But I first remember thinking, “I can’t be different, what will they think?”

Well, that was because I had people in my life who cared more about how I fit into their world and what I did for them…

Instead of caring about me, what I wanted, and who I wanted to be.

You can shift at any time. On a dime.

I made the decision to be prepared to lose everyone because my tribe promoted my self-destruction.

And I lost most of them…

And magical people began to surround me.

My tribe supports my dreams, and I support theirs.

I want for them what they want for themselves, whether that includes me or not.

And I only allow similar people around me.

That has been the biggest shift in my life.

I’m willing to let ANYONE go who doesn’t provide fuel to my dreams.

Anyone. Like, no exceptions.

I even told my beautiful and amazing wife that if forced to choose between her and my purpose and dreams, she loses.

I’ve lost once-close friends and family alike.

Each one brought a valuable lesson.

Loyalty is finite. I am first loyal to my purpose and vision.

My life is fueled by love, stewardship, peace, and joy at higher levels than ever.

My life is drama-free.

If you’re surrounded by the right, supportive, loving people, they will support you.

They will still love whomever you decide you are, and whom you desire to be.

L.O.V.E. = Letting. Others. Voluntarily. Evolve.

Who you are is whomever you decide to be.

And the choice of who is in your life is yours.

So you are your only limitation.

Decide who you want to be…

And BE that.